The Nanjing Government Scholarship has been implemented since Sep, 2013. The annual subsidy will be 20,000RMB/year for master and doctoral students, 10,000RMB/year for undergraduate student, 5000RMB/semester for non-degree students. The scholarship is available for both new and current students.

The applicants should:

1. No more than 28 years as a undergraduate student, no more than 35 years as a postgraduate student, no more than 40 years as a PHD student;

2. The non-degree student should have obtained the bachelor degree;

3. Have enjoyed neither other government scholarship nor Hohai full scholarship;

Documents Required:

1. Nanjing Government Scholarship Application Form (as attached);

2. Most advanced certificate, diploma and transcript;

3. Study plan in China;

4. Two recommendation letter from related professor;

5. Language proficiency certificate( eg.HSK certificate);

6. Copy of the passport;

7. Health report


Sep.10th of each year


Admission Office, Hohai University

Address: No.1 Xikang Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Zip code: 210098

Telephone: +86-25-83787955

FAX: +86-25-83787981



Application Form of Nanjing Government Scholarship.doc  


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