Notice on the application of course retake and course make-up


Notice on the application of course retake and course make-up

(2023 autumn semester)

Dear postgraduate students,

If you aren’t enrolled in 2023 and need to apply for course retaking and/or course making-up, please pay attention to the following notice.

1. List of Courses

The courses are available this semester. See the attachment 1 of the following notice:

2. Application Period

From 9am of September 18 to 5pm of September 22. Late application will not be accepted.

3. Application Procedure

(1) Please log into HHU Graduate System to apply.

Website of HHU Graduate System (

User Manual (

(2) Please log into the HHU Education Platform to take the courses

Website of HHU Education Platform (

User Manual (


a. After registration in the graduate system, please contact your college to approve.

b. On the second day after approval, please log into the Education Platform.

c. Please contact the lecturer to create the classroom while he is teaching offline, then you may take the course in the Education Platform.

d. Please contact Academic Office or your college secretary if any problem. See the contact information in the attachment 4 of course arrangement notice.

Academic Office

September 18, 2023

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