Notice on the registration for HSK3 online tutoring


Dear graduate students

   According to the regulations, the international graduate students of English taught program should pass the HSK 3 before the application of degree. In order to help you improve the Chinese language as soon as possible, the Chinese Language Center will provide students with a two-week HSK3 online tutoring from March 20th to March 31th. Please pay attention to the following information:

1.     Online tutoring time:

March 20th to March 31th (Monday-Friday, ten days in total)

Beijing time: 18:00-20:30

2.     Online tutoring platform: Tencent meeting

3.     Teaching materialsThe teacher will send the course link of Tencent meeting and teaching materials to every participants through Wechat and email before each class.

4. Please fill in the online registration form if you’re interested

   Deadline for registration: March 17th2023.


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March 6 , 2023

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