Notice on the Taking Certificate Photo (make-up) for the International Students Who Will Graduate in 2023


Notice on the Taking Certificate Photo (make-up) for the International Students Who Will Graduate in 2023

Dear International Students,

We organized the online photo shooting for the graduation certificate in April, but most of you failed in shooting because of the payment. And now Jiangsu Recruitment and Career Guidance Service Center, governed by Jiangsu province, restart the work. After negotiation,this time you can take the picture first, and pay to Hohai University later.We will collect e-photo for the students who will graduate in 2023 and before. Please see the name list in the attachment.

I. Period

From Sept. 23 to Oct. 10, 2022.

The platform for certificate photo shooting is only available from 8:30 to 17:30 (Beijing time) on working days from Oct. 1st. Please finish the shooting as required.

II. Method

The photo shooting is via online; please log in to WeChat. Search the mini-program in WeChat “江苏图采”, or follow the public WeChat account “江苏省招就中心”, choose the item “图像采集” of “服务指南”. After name verification, read the instructions carefully and follow the steps.

The student can also scan the following QR code of mini-program to access.

For the mobile phone number, you can put 15951737591 if you don’t have a Chinese mobile.

III. Precautions

The lightIt is recommended to face the window and shoot in natural light.Avoid direct sunlight. Night shooting is not recommended. Make sure the light on your face is even. No visible or asymmetrical highlights, spots, no red eyes.

Stance and expressionStand upright with a natural expression, eyes open and level, ears symmetrical, shoulders balanced, lips closed.

GlassesPeople who often wear glasses should wear glassesBut do not wear coloured lenses (including contact lenses)The frames should not block the eyes, and the glasses should not reflect the light.

Accessories and shieldsDo not wear earrings, necklaces and other accessories. Hair should not cover eyebrows, eyes or ears. Do not use head coverings (do not cover the face or create shadows when required by religion, medicine or culture). No makeup recommended.

DressYou should wear a dress/jacket that is distinct from the background colour and avoid complex patterns and stripes. Blue tops are not allowed.

It is forbidden to remake pictureThe certificate should pay attention to the effectiveness and authenticity, and it is strictly prohibited to use other software to do any facial or beauty processing, and it is strictly prohibited to reproduce other photos.

IV. Charge standard

The fee standard is 15 yuan per person (including electronic photos and 5 paper photos, which will be delivered to the university directly).

Important note: The electronic images collected this time will be an important part of the education certificate in the Ministry of Education platform for electronic registration. Photos (paper version, electronic version) will be used for graduation certificate, job searching, education inquiry and other important aspects. Please be sure to take it seriously and follow the steps carefully. Remakes are strictly prohibited in case unqualified photos fail to pass the review and affect the above use. If you have any practical difficulties or problems during the photo shooting process, please email to the Academic Office of International School:

International School of Hohai University

September 23, 2022



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