Notice on Registration of the Chinese Government Scholarship Students in the Academic Year of 2022








2. 由国教院审核学生的注册申请,并作相应处理。


1.  2022920日前,留学生提交注册申请;

2.  202210月15日前,国际教育学院审核入学资格。


1. 留学生须按时按要求提交学期注册申请,保证提交信息的真实性、准确性。





3. 未注册成功或未按时注册的学生按照《河海大学外国留学生学籍管理办法》相关条款处理,造成的后果由学生本人承担。

4. 操作时尽量使用火狐或谷歌浏览器,登录系统前清空浏览器缓存。

5. 不要注册新的中国留学基金委账号。







Notice on Registration of the Chinese Government Scholarship Students in the Academic Year of 2022

Dear Chinese Government Scholarship Students,

According to the requirements of the China Scholarship Council, the Chinese government scholarship students of Hohai University need to register online in China Scholarship Council system. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows. 


I. Objects of Online Registration

Registration is required for 2022 new students, 2021 students who retain their qualifications and plan to register in September 2022 and students enrolled in previous years, including students in suspension.


II. Procedure of Online Registration

 1. Log in to the Chinese Government Scholarship Management Information System for Studying in China:, check your basic information, and fill in the teaching mode and backup Email.

2. Hohai University will review and process the registration of students.


III. Time for Online Registration

1. Before September 20, 2022, CSC students submit application for registration;

2. Before October 15, 2022, International School will review the admission qualifications.


IV. Important tips

1. CSC students must submit semester registration applications on time and as required to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the submitted information. If anyone who falsifies is found, the admission qualification will be cancelled.

2. If you meet one of following conditions, please send the CSC number and relevant certificates or screenshot to :

(1) You get enrolled before the advent of the system or applied by agency. Send the email and we will offer help.

(2) You cannot finish registration due to some reason

(3) Your information in the system needs to be modified

3. International students who fail to register or have overdue registration shall be dealt with as per the relevant provisions in the Regulations on Education Registration Management of International Students of Hohai University, and the consequences shall be borne by the students themselves.

4. Try to use Firefox or Google browser when operating, and clear the browser cache before logging in to the system.

5. Do not create new CSC account.

 AttachmentUser Manuals of Online Semester Registration for CSC Students

学生注册操作流程 .pdf



                                                                                  International School

                         September 6, 2022

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