Notice on Candidates Nomination of the Top 10 Outstanding Students in Hohai University


Application Form 申请表.docxTop 10 Excellent Student Collective Form 海韵风华优秀学生候选人汇总表.xlsx

    I.  Applicant

Currently enrolled Hohai international students in all majors and disciplines may participate.

NOT including

(1)New students enrolled in 2021

(2)Students who owe pay tuition and accommodation fee

(3)Students who violate laws and regulations,the rules of the school

(4)Students in extension

  II.  Two Categories of Candidates

Talented students who achieve their success in one of the two options

1)学习研究:Candidate for research

The cumulative GPA of undergraduate students is ranked among the top 5% of the major, and the average score of graduate courses is ranked among the top three of the major.

To publicly publish high-level academic papers as the first author or obtain authorization or acceptance of invention patents

2)国际交流:Candidate for International communication

International students who have outstanding comprehensive performance in academic education (Actively participate in international volunteer service)

III.  Application Deadline

May 24th, 2022

Paper version: Submit document to the Room 103, International School

Electronic version: send to

IV.   Materials Requirement

(1)Applicant formincluding name, sex, college, major, important awards and honorsplease print both sides

(2)Collective form

(2)Submit 2000 words description of your achievements in English with Word file. It includes a brief self-introduction and a personal story.

Brief self-introduction should include name, gender, college, major and achievements.

Personal story should include a title and text. The title should be concise and reflect the core idea; The text should have a clear theme and fluent languageA4 sized paper written using 3-point Fangsong仿宋 font

(3)Transcriptsince current program enrollment in HHU

(4)Copies of certificates for awards, honors,research achievements, and other supporting documents

(5)Provide at least 5 personal photos, including study, work and life. Each photo shall be no less than 2m, in JPG format, 2-3 horizontal and 2-3 vertical plates, and the proportion of portrait shall not be less than 50%

Please send these document in a zip named as your student number to email address

Please send paper document to Room 103, International School

  V.   Contact

Ms. JoyceRoom 103, International School

Tel: 8378 7958

Application Form 申请表.docxTop 10 Excellent Student Collective Form 海韵风华优秀学生候选人汇总表.xlsx

International School

May 19th

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