Notice on the Application of CSC Scholarship Extension for Doctoral Students in the academic year 2022/2023


Dear students:

According to the requirements of Chinese Scholarship Council, we hereby notify the following issues related to the application for extension of the duration of the scholarship by International doctoral students of Hohai University in the academic year 2022/ 2023.

1. Applicants

The CSC scholarship students with the scholarship period ends in July 2022 or January 2023, but due to various reasons CANNOT graduate on time. You need to meet following requirements to apply for scholarship extension:

1) Opening Report passed

2) Mid-term Assessment passed

3) Participate in the Annual Review and passed

According to the requirements of CSC and Hohai University, the following students can not apply for extension:

1) Failure to finish semester registration on time;

2) The study attitude is not serious and failed to pass the opening report and/or the mid-term assessment of dissertation;

3) Failure to take or pass the annual review of scholarship;

4) Those who has already submitted the extension (one year) before and did not get quota from embassy;

2. Procedure

The application is carried out through the CSC System, and the basic procedure is Self Application → Supervisor Fills in Review Opinion → Hohai University Fills in Review Opinion and Submits. Please refer to the attachment for the operation manual.

1) Before May 6, 2022: Students should fill in the application for annual review and doctoral extension in the CSC system and write down the following contents:

a) Reasons for applying for extension of scholarship period and the progress of thesis and study plan in the next stage;

b) Whether finished the opening report;

c) Whether passed the mid-term assessment;

d) Period for extension of scholarship (usually one year);

When you finished your step, please inform your supervisor immediately and let them check the email and go through the procedure for you. You can send them the operation manual.

If you have problem during the process, please register problem in this link:

2) Before May 13, 2022: The supervisor will receive an email from the CSC System, which includes a temporary login name and password. Please reset the password and log in to the CSC System to confirm student’s opening report, mid-term assessment and the extension period, and give review result and comment.

3) Before May 27, 2022: International School will review and submit the extension materials to CSC.

3. Contact

Contact: Ms. Joyce Xu,

Student Management Bureau of International School

Tel.: + 86 25 83787958




For student-The Operation Manual of CSC System for Extension of The Duration.pdf

For teacher-The Operation Manual of CSC System for Extension of The Duration.pdf.


International School

April 29, 2022

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