MOMENTS TO REMEMBER——Doddi Yudianto, Ph.D.


As a person who has dream to bring water excellence for better living, I have been pushing myself for the last 10 yearsto think how we can manage our water wisely, not only in my home country Indonesia but also all around the world. Why is it so important to do so? As we all realize that the world is intensively changing now.Water has been matter of concern in many parts of the world especially in the developing countries. In general, there are many factors that have been closely linked to the water both in quantity and quality. The rapid growth of population, urbanization, industrialization, weak law enforcement, weak coordination among the related stakeholders, low awareness of clean and healthy sanitation,  climate change, et cetera have raised various water issues, challenges, and disasters.

By the way, I am Doddi Yudianto and I have spent about 3 years and 3 monthsto finish my Ph.D. studies at Hohai University in major of hydrology and water resources. It was almost 5 years ago since I graduated but I do still remember every detail I passed through. Frankly speaking, I can say that it was a tough journey of knowledge exploration and I am really grateful that I could accomplish it well. During my Ph.D. studies, I have published 7 articles in various international journals. Two of the articles were published in SCI Expanded journal and another one was published in the SCI journal. Again, it was a huge struggle to accomplish the research work. Not only about spending most of my time reading books and articles or sitting all day in front of my laptop documenting the work, but what the most difficult thing to do was leaving behind my beloved family at home. Thus, getting my Ph.D. degree was really a huge achievement for me.

During my stay in Nanjing, in addition to my studies, I also had the opportunity to learn deeper about the philosophy of life. It proved me what my elders said about China. They said to me “If you want to gain the excellence then you must go to China, there you can find the knowledge and wisdoms”.For that, I would like to thank Prof. XieYuebo as my supervisor who has given me the full support and kindly guided me day by day to find my way to pass every single step of the work. He has been a teacher and a great father for me. Furthermore, I would like also to thank to all my Chinese colleagues who have helped me a lot since the beginning I started my studies at Hohai University. Without them, for sure I would not be able to get my Ph.D.Then, I would like to thank my beloved wife and son who have waited and prayed for me all the years at home. Thank you to the Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) for the trustand hope on me.

No longer after graduating from Hohai University, coming back to Bandung, I was assigned as deputy head of civil engineering department at Unpar. It took me two years before I led the department myself. At present, I am holding a responsibility as vice dean for academic affairs at Faculty of Engineering. Since 2010, I can say that I have been doing quite a lot of things to improve the water education. Besides giving lectures at the university, I have been also invited to some national and international conferences to present my research work. Furthermore, I am now playing role as a reviewer for annual scientific seminar and international conference on water and environmental which are held by the Association of Indonesian Hydraulic Engineers (HATHI). I am also trusted to be one of the reviewers at some prestigious international journals. It has been really a great chance for me to keep me up-dated to what is going on at present and how the knowledge and technology in water resources and environmental engineering has been developing so far. In addition, started in 2012 I have been also involved as sub-committee for technical advisory under Ministry of Public Works of Indonesia to improve the national standards related to water works.

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest person in the world. Since I graduated from Hohai University in December 2009, I always have the opportunities to come back to Nanjing. It is truly a blessing that I can visit Nanjing every year. In 2011, I was assigned by Dr. Cecilia Lauw, as the president of Unpar, to accompany her to attend an education exhibition in Nanjing. At that time, she signed the memorandum of agreement with Hohai University. Just two years ago, some of my colleagues and I initiated to hold the first joint master degree at our university and Hohai University was suddenly selected.It is a program in water resources engineering in form of one year spent at Unpar and another one year spent at Hohai University. This program was officially supported by the Ministry of Education of Indonesia. I am proud to say that the program is running smoothly. Two of our students are now accomplishing their second semester at Hohai University. Hopefully, the program will get even more success in the upcoming year. As alumnae of Hohai University, it has been my honor I can give my little contribution to my   almamater.

Just in May 2014, I was invited by Prof. Seoktae Kang to deliver lecture at Kyunghee University in South Korea. In fact, it was my first time to visit South Korea and I was so thankful for the opportunity. Three months after, I was again invited to South Korea to join the Chuncheon Global Water Forum in Chuncheon City. The forum was attended by many key persons including some officials on behalf of South Korean and the Indonesian Ambassador for South Korea. Besides having various presentations on water and environmental issues, this moment was also employed to launch the Han and Citarum Rivers Friendship. It is hoped that through this cooperation and by learning from the experiences of Cheonggyecheon River restoration, the revitalization of Citarum River, as one of the biggest and most important river in Indonesia, can be significantly accelerated.

Last but not least, I would like to emphasize that all these are not only because of me myself but Hohai University has enriched and sharpen me in some way so that I could reach this far. Taking this goodopportunity, I would like to say HAPPY 100 YEARS ANNIVERSARY; I wish Hohai University may get even more prosperous in the years ahead.I do believe more and more great peoplewill be born from this great university. Finally, thank you for all the moments you have given to me.I am really proud to be one of the alumnae of Hohai University and hopefully you can be proud of me later in the future.

“I am walking with two other men; each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick up the good things of the one and imitate them; and the bad things of the other, I will correct them in myself.” - Confucius

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