Forever Love for Hohai University——Dr. Vu Quoc Vuong


I am Dr. Vu Quoc Vuong, born January 14th 1976, and being a Vietnamese citizen.In September 2005, I arrived at Hohai University, Nanjing city, China.

After studying Chinese for one year, I was able to listen, speak and communicate to my lecturers and colleagues. Starting in September 2006, I began my researches under the guidance of Professor Jiang LinHua. Prof. Jiang had encouraged and provided me critical assistance throughout my research period. In my first term of the 2006 school year, Prof. Jiang instructed me to attend Building Materials lectures, which greatly improves my terminology. During this period, I had been keen on attending the lectures and conducting experiments with my colleagues at the lab. These experiments provided me with invaluable experience regarding different types of machines and materials. In addition, I had been earnestly studied 5 compulsory subjects. It is on this period, in cooperation with Prof. Jiang, I submitted a research proposal of “Research on the utilities of grinded sand for the Building constructions in Vietnam”.

      After completing the compulsory subjects, Prof. Jiang sent me to Building Material Research Institute of Architectural Academy of Jiangsu Province.

Here at Jiangsu, I received great assistance and guidance from Mrs. Zhou, Director of the Institute and Mr. Liu, Deputy Director of the Institute to finally complete my research. In the institute, I stayed with Prof. Liu Zhiyong, who is the lecturer at Yantai University. Prof. Liu completed his postdoc at Jiangsu Institute, and was doing experiments at the New Material research institute. During the 1 year stay with Prof. Liu, I learned from him many invaluable lessons in both life and research. In addition, Prof. Liu counselled me on finishing my paper in Chinese, and provided me with critical guidelines for the research.

      Furthermore, during my stay at the Institute, I had been earnestly doing researches and experiments. Thanks to that, I was able to publish 2 articles in the international conferences in 2008 at Nanjing and 2009 at Beijing, along with another article in the Hohai University Journal and 2 others in Vietnam.

      In June, 2009, I successfully defended my doctorate dissertation before a 9-man panel of experts led by Prof.Doc. Tang Shuming. The panel regarded my thesis favorably, as Prof. Tang assessed: “This is an excellent thesis, which fully resolved many problems in just 33 months. This is exceptional for even a local students, much less a foreigner as in this case.”

        I would like to send my sincere thanks to my respected professors, Prof. Jiang Linhua & Prof. Miao Changwen, who went to great length to provide me with essential support. Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Liu Zhiyong and the staffs at New Material Research Institute.

      After receiving my Doctorate degree in July 2009, I went back to Vietnam and became the secretary for national research programs, n0. KC08.15/06-10. In 2010, I participated and won the bid for the national research, no. KC08.03/11-15. In this research, I was both the secretary & president for 1 year, which now I delegated to others. During my 5 years working in the education department of Water Resources University, I counseled more than 20 Doctors who successfully defended his/her thesis; published 7 scientific researches in respected journals in Vietnam, published 2 books, guided 2 student group in scientific works, etc…

      In addition, I participated in many research subjects such as examining the quality of Water Resources and Transportation constructions. Furthermore, I researched and produced different types of high tensile and repairing mortar to mend more than 100 bridges on the National Highway, which was greatly praised by Vietnam Directorate for Roads and was used in repairing many bridges nationalwide.

      Due to these contributions, I was promoted to Deputy Head of Building Material Department.

      In August 2011, I was promoted to Head of Building material department.

      In October 2012, I was the Head of the Building Technology & Environment Lab.

      Once again, I would like to send my sincere regards to Hohai University, especially to Prof. Jiang Linhua, Prof. Miao Changwen and Prof. Liu Zhiyong along with the staffs of the New Material Research Institute.

      I would like to cooperate with Hohai University in education and scientific research. In 2015, Hohai University will celebrate its 100th year anniversary. We alumni would like to pay a visit to congratulate our alma mater. See you next year, Dear Hohai University.

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