Experience Activity for International Students


On the eve of New Year's Day, in order to enrich the festive life of international students and help them fully experience Chinese culture, International School held the On the Tip of the Tongue in Hohai - Chinese traditional food culture experience activity in the canteen of Jiangning Campus.Chen Weigang, representatives of counselors, representatives of the staff of the dormitory management station and 50 international students participated in the activity.





During the event,Chen Weigang, on behalf ofInternationalSchool, congratulated international students for their achievements in the past year, thanked international students for their understanding and support of Hohai and the work of Hohai, and wished all international students their academic progress, health and safety, and happy new year. 




Then, the canteen chefs introduced the carefully prepared squirrel mandarin fish, golden gourd cup with braised pork, Huangshan welcome pine, lanterns, firecrackers to welcome the spring ... and then to dumplings, glutinous rice balls, zongzi, egg fried rice and other traditional Chinese delicacies. He told international students about the ingredients, production process and cultural meaning of each food, and led them to understand the rich connotation of Chinese food culture and festival culture.



During the activity, international students performed songs and dances, and the teachers sent warm blessings to international students in foreign countries.

In this activity, international students experienced the unique art of Chinese cuisine, enhanced the friendship between teachers and students, and experienced the infinite charm of traditional Chinese cuisine. International students praised the breadth and depth of traditional Chinese food culture. They said that although they were far away from their hometowns, they felt the warmth of home. (应海华)

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