Notice on the name list of HSK3 courses


Dear students,

The HSK3 Courses in the spring semester of 2022 will start next Monday (From March 14th to June 17th ). Please see the name list as below and check the timetable and list of studying materials. All degree students need to prepare the studying materials by yourself. Please scan the QR code below to join the wechat group to receive the notice of course study later. You should also take the mid-term exams and final exams of the courses. If your attendance is under 80%, your seat will be cancelled.

Thanks for your understanding!


International School

March 7, 2022


 1.    Name list for attending Chinese courses

2.    2022年春季汉语培训课程表

3. List of Studying Materials

4. Course QR code wechat group:

  • 河海大学官方微信
  • 河海大学国际教育 学院官方微信