Jiangsu Government Scholarship


Student Category

Undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students

Scholarship Coverage

Tuition fees, on campus accommodation, monthly stipend and comprehensive medical insurance.


1. No tuition fees;

2. Free university dormitory;

3. Monthly stipend:

CNY 15,000 per year for an undergraduate student, CNY 25,000 per year for a master's student, CNY 30,000 per year for a doctoral student
4. Comprehensive medical insurance:

CNY 800 per person per year; CNY 400 per person (for programs lasting less than six months)


1. Be a foreign citizen with a valid passport in good health both mentally and physically that complies with Chinese laws and regulations, and respects Chinese customs. To those who were originally Chinese citizens and then became foreign nationals, the relevant regulations from the Ministry of Education shall apply.

2. Be an academically excellent holder of high school diploma or its equivalent at an age of 18-25 when applying for an undergraduate program; be an academically excellent holder of a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent under the age of 35 when applying for a Master’s program; be an academically excellent holder of a Master’s degree or its equivalent under the age of 40 when applying for a doctoral program.

3. Be an applicant that has not received the full scholarship such as Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship.

Time Open to Application

Usually from January to May

How to Apply

1.Obtain the Scholarship Certificate from the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education;

2.Fill in the application form of Hohai University online http://admission.hhu.edu.cn, and upload the Scholarship Certificate as an attachment.

Review and Admission

The university will review the undergraduate degree applicant's transcripts at the high school, language proficiency, and potential, and postgraduate degree applicant's academic background, academic performance, academic transcripts, and scientific research ability, and will organize an interview before finalizing the short-list candidates. The applicant may check the mailbox or track the application status online. The official admission result is subject to the notification from Hohai University.

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