Notice on Postgraduate Courses Arrangement for International Students in 2022 Spring Semester









4.2021级研究生必修水韵课堂(综合素质课 1学分),上学期未选的同学可在221日前补选,具体通知如下:















Notice on Postgraduate Courses Arrangement for International Students in 2022 Spring Semester


Dear International Graduate Students,

According to the unified arrangement of the university, online teaching will be implemented for international graduate students in the spring semester of 2022. The teaching plan of postgraduate study (online) is announced as follows.


1. The courses of international graduate program will start from week 1 (Feb 21).

2. According to the relevant regulations, all international graduate students who are taught in English should reach HSK3 when they graduate. Therefore, we suggest that all doctoral students who fail to meet the standard continue to take Chinese II. Chinese II course will be divided into 4 different classes, and the specific division scheme is the same as last semester. See the link below:

3. Please register and select courses in the graduate system based on your own training program. Please note that course selection and withdrawal can ONLY be conducted within two weeks of the beginning of the course.

4. For the graduate students of 2021 intake, the Water Harmony Lectures (Comprehensive Course of 1 credit) are compulsory, students who did not register last semester can apply to register before February 21. The specific notice is as follows:

5. Please scan the QR code to join the online group (if you are unable to join, please contact the course contact person to be invited to join). After joining the group, please change your nickname in the group to your student number + name.

6. Online course learning requirements are as follows: Please complete the online course learning according to the requirements of the teacher. At the same time, ensure that during the class time, you are available online, the teacher will ask questions, answer questions and assign homework in the group. Only by completing the required coursework and passing the examination can credits be obtained.

7. Please refer to the following links for the usage of the functions such as course selection for freshmen, retake for senior students, course make-up selection and exemption application.


Please note that you will NOT receive credit for the course if you

1. Fail to select courses in the graduate system;

2. Fail to attend the online teaching;

3. Fail to submit the course assignments or pass the course assessment as required.



International School of Hohai University

February 19, 2022

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