Notification of 2021 Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship for the Distinguished International Students


According to the notice from Jiangsu Provincial Government, the Distinguished Scholarship is set up for International Students to award international students who are friendly to China and excel in overall performance. This scholarship is now open for application.

      I.     Applicant Eligibility & Scholarship Quota

Undergraduates and postgraduates in degree programs who are studying in the 2nd year or above. In 2021, Hohai University can recommend 1 undergraduate candidate, 5 master candidates and 3 doctoral candidates. Students whose study period has been extended cannot apply.

      II.   Scholarship Standard

The scholarship offers one-time reward: same as last year.

      III.   Application Requirement

1.  Have friendly attitude towards China, observe Chinese lawand university regulations, have paid the tuition fee and other required fees, and have no records on against university regulations or Chinese laws during the study period;

2.  Have honesty and trust worthiness, with good moral quality;

3.  Have excellent grades. strong study and scientific research abilities during the study period;

4.  Have outstanding overall performance during the study period, and have actively participated in all kinds of university events and public services;

5. Under the same conditions, applicants who are self-financed, supported by partial scholarships, or have poor family finance conditions are prior to be considered;

6.  During the study period, the undergraduate students have obtained a GPA of 3.5 or above, and postgraduate students should have obtained average score of 80 or above of all the courses.

       IV.   Application Documents/Materials Requirement

Materials List

No.1.  Jiangsu Provincial Government Distinguished Scholarship for International Students Application Form (please submit in Excel format, see attachment I);

No.2.  Your study and life story in China with no less than 600 words;

No.3.  The complete academic transcript during the whole study period;

No.4.  Your study plan in China;

No.5.  Scanned copy of HSK certificate (if any);

No.6.  Other supporting materials (note: MUST be received within present degree study period):

 1) Certificate for paper publication (first author only) and retrieval, paper acceptance (first author only) notification (other documents are not accepted as supporting materials) or proof of participation in the publication of book chapters;

 2) Certificate for national and provincial award or patent;

 3) Certificate for other kinds of awards;

 4) Participation for university events /social practices in China (photos, certificates etc.).

No.7.  Recommendation Form of Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship for the Distinguished International Students. (See attachment II and III) filled by supervisor (for postgraduate applicants) or teaching secretary of bachelor students from your major college (for undergraduate applicants), with the approval signature from the college leader and college stamp from the major college.

Application Requirement:

When submitting application, please put three files in ONE compressed ZIP file (No bigger than 5 MB):

1. The filled Application form in EXCEL file(No.1).

2. Your study and life story in China in WORD file(No.2). 

3. All the other required documents in ONE PDF file(No.3-6).

4. Recommendation Form in PDF file (No.7)

Please send email to, and the Email name and ZIP file name should all be your “Student ID+ Chinese Name”.

       V.    Selection Procedure

The university will adopt the process of individual application, college recommendation, university review and public review to determine the recommended candidates. The detailed procedure is as follows

1. The student needs to honestly fill in the Jiangsu Provincial Government Distinguished Scholarship for International Students Application Form;

2. The student needs to submit all the required documents to Email box before 12:00 Dec.17(Friday), 2021;

3.  Based on the result of the comments from the expert committee, International School will determine the initially selected candidates who will be posted for public review.


Application Deadline: 12:00 Dec. 17(Friday), 2021

ContactsMs.Joyce & Ms.Catherine

Tel:025-83787958   E-mail:



                                                  International School

                                                          December 10, 2021










1.      对华态度友好、遵守宪法和法律、遵守学校规章制度、按规定缴纳学费及有关费用、在校期间无违法违规记录;

2.      诚实守信,道德品质优良;

3.      在校期间成绩优异,具有较强的学习或科研能力;

4.      在校综合表现突出,积极参加各类集体、公益活动;

5.      在同等条件下,将优先考虑自费、部分奖学金或家庭经济困难者;

6.      本科生申请人在校期间的GPA须达到3.5及以上,研究生申请人在校期间每门课程平均成绩须达到80分及以上。



1.      留学江苏政府优秀学生奖学金申请表(需提交Excel电子表格,见附件I);

2.      在华学习生活经历(不少于600字);

3.      在学期间完整学习成绩单;

4.      来华学习计划(需提供WORD电子文档);

5.      汉语水平考试(HSK)证书复印件(如有);

6.      其他材料(纸质材料请提供扫描件,注:须在当前学位学习期间):

 1) 发表文章(仅限第一作者)检索证明或录用通知(仅限第一作者)(其他材料不予考虑)或参与发表著作章节的证明材料;

 2) 获得省级、国家级奖项或专利证书;

 3) 获得的其他奖项证书;


7.      优秀学生奖学金推荐意见表(见附件IIIII,研究生申请者由导师填写;本科生申请者由所在学院本科教学秘书签字),并由申请者所在专业学院领导审核,同意推荐的,需签字加盖专业学院章)



1.    申请表EXCEL格式(材料1

2.    在华学习生活经历WORD文档(材料2

3.    其他文件放入一个PDF文档(材料3-6

4.    优秀学生奖学金推荐意见表PDF格式(材料7





2.20211217日(周五)1200前发送邮件至 提交相关申请材料;




联系电话:025-83787958      电子邮件



1.Jiangsu Provincial Government Distinguished Scholarship for International Students Application Form留学江苏政府优秀学生奖学金申请表..xls

2.Recommendation form河海大学留学江苏政府优秀学生奖学金推荐意见表.pdf

3.Recommendation form河海大学留学江苏政府优秀学生奖学金推荐意见表.doc

4.Notification of 2021 Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship for the Distinguished International Students关于2021年留学江苏政府优秀学生奖学金的评选通知.pdf

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