Notice on Additional Chinese Language Courses for Major Students


Notice on Additional Chinese Language Courses for Major Students


     International School will offer free Chinese language courses in Xikanglu campus for major students this semester. The courses include Comprehensive Chinese, Listening & Speaking, Reading and Writing, HSK 3, and so on.

Period of courses:

From September 22, 2021 to January 7, 2022, including mid-term exams and final exams.


1. These courses are online in September and switch to offline from October, and are only available for non-first year master students and doctoral students who are currently in China.

2. Students should have completed the major program courses (including Chinese Language I & II, and Introduction to China).

3. The application should be approved by the supervisor at first, once you get the final approval from international school, please attend the courses on time, otherwise, the seat will be cancelled.

4. Please prepare the studying materials by yourself once the application is approved.

5. The seats are limited to 15.


1.    Transcript

2.    The application form approved by the supervisor

Please submit the hard copy of the application form before September 17(11A.M in the morning) to R101of International School.



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