International Student of Hohai University Interviewed by China Radio International


Gazi Tawfiq Ezaz is currently a PhD candidate in Hydrology and Water Resources at Hohai University under the supervision of Prof. Zhang Ke. He took part in many events related to the initiative of the Lancang-Mekong River Water Resources Cooperation Center and went directly to many sites for investigation and data collection. He joined ‘Urmi’s living room’ via China International Radio (CRI) on 30 May, 2021. 


A part of the interview is as follows:


Q - Which recent development sectors of China leave deep impressions on you?

Tawfiq - China is the world’s second largest economy. The economic and social development of China is really great, especially in construction and infrastructure. First, China is now doing great in the field of scientific publications. For example, recently China has made huge success in Space research. Second, Chinese techniques and strategy for water resources development and management are very advanced. Third, The Belt and Road Initiative of China is one of the hottest topics at present and is benefiting the world.


Q - How do you evaluate the development of Water Resources in China?

Tawfiq - South-to-North Water Diversion Project is one of the most successful projects. The project allocates water properly among provinces, helps to establish factories, industries, and improves the living status of people. Now many other countries are learning from the water diversion project of China and getting benefits.

Q - How do you evaluate the steps or initiatives taken by China to protect environments?

Tawfiq - Thank you for asking such an important matter. Water resources projects are necessary but at the same time, a balance between environment and people is also important. China has already taken many steps and initiated plans about green city, vegetation, forestation to protect environment. For example, when Chinese government build dams, they make dam sites more attractive, with lakes, vegetation and forestation around. Some famous dam sites like Three Gorgeous Dam can even be a scenic spot.


Q - The year of 2021 is the year of 100th year celebration of CPC, can you tell us your thoughts on this?

Tawfiq - 100 year celebration of CPC is a milestone for China. In my view, CPC achieved many successes and helped China to obtain many goals. What’s more, CPC and China helped other countries to fight against Covid-19.


        At the end, I want to thank Chinese Government for supporting us during Covid-19 fight and providing vaccines to my country. I wish Long live Bangladesh-China Friendship!

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