Notice on Annual Review of the Chinese Government Scholarship the Academic Year of 2021/2022


Annual review of scholarship is an effective measure to evaluate the overall performance of the scholarship students, please complete the review procedure timely and prudently.


1.     System

Student application and various approval procedures for annual review is currently available online. Please make sure that you complete relevant procedures and your college secretary and supervisor finish their part on time and as required.

System Link

Annual Review Manual link:

Login and password is the same with Semester Registration.

2.     Deadline

(1) Before May 7, 2021, international students submit applications;

(2) Before May 15, 2021, undergraduate teaching secretaries, postgraduate supervisors, and relevant postgraduate secretaries will review the application;

(3) Before May 26, 2021, International School organizes expert review and submits review opinions and reports to China Scholarship Council.

3.     Annual Review Scope

(1) Students who intend to continue to receive Chinese government scholarship after September 2021 must participate in the evaluation, and the freshmen enrolled in the spring of 2021 do not need to participate;

(2) Students who cannot graduate in July 2021 as originally planned, students who intend to apply for extension must participate in the assessment;

(3) Students who are disqualified from the scholarship evaluation in 2020 and whose scholarship qualifications are suspended or partly exempted must participate in the evaluation.

You can check if your name is in the Annual Review Name list which will be published in Wechat group.

(4) Students who will graduate in July, 2021, do not need to take part in the annual review.

4.     Annual Review Content(self-assessment part)

According to the students' moral conduct, academic performance, learning/scientific research attitude, and activity performance in the 2020/2021 school year, each student will be assessed quantitatively and qualitatively. The specific aspects are as follows:

1)     Moral Conduct

  •  Compliance with Chinese laws and regulations, Hohai University discipline and regulations;

  •  Rewards and punishments;

  •  Volunteer experience.

2)     Academic Performance

  •   Examinations;

  •   Assessment results;

  •   Basic performance.

3)     Learning and Scientific Research Attitude

  •   Learning attitude;

  •   Attendance;

  •   Fulfillment of leave procedures.

4) Activity performance

Attitude, frequency and contribution of participation in activities

5.     Annual Review Process

(1) The participating international students log on to the annual review platform of the Chinese Government Scholarship in the school's online service hall, check and fill in basic information

(2) Report your situation in the 2021/2022 academic year: 

    •  Observe rules and regulations (50-100 words);

    •  Academic performance (150-200 words, do not list course name, describe your study experience);

    •  Participation in activities (50-100 words)

(3) Provide supporting material (All in PDF file ONLY):

    •   Bachelor students: transcripts 

    •   Graduates: transcripts (It will be verified by supervisor)

        Make sure the transcripts are original, otherwise you might fail the annual review

    •   Certificates that prove participation in university activitiesone PDF file onlyless than 3MB

After submitting the application, please print it out and sign, then upload it in the system.

(4) Inform supervisor

 Graduate students are requested to notify their supervisors for review after completing this step.

This is the instruction that you can send to them:

登陆河海大学办公自动化系统 – 我的应用 - 办事大厅 – 我的事项(页面右上角)- 待审批的事项-打开相应申请,填写意见并提交。

6.     Annual Review Evaluation and Requirements:

According to the relevant regulations on the management of CSC, the annual review of evaluation is to decide whether or not the scholarship students will continue to enjoy the scholarship, proposing qualified or unqualified, and whether to continue to provide or suspend, or even cancel the scholarship.


Based on the university’s comments and suggestions, CSC will decide whether to continue to provide or suspend, cancel the qualification of the Chinese Government Scholarship.


(1) If students have any of the following conditions, the scholarship will be suspended for one year:

  •   Due to the examination results unqualified, repeat grade or downgrade;

  •   Violated Hohai University discipline and regulations;


Those who have been suspended from the Chinese Government Scholarship are required to suspend their scholarship from the beginning of the next academic year. However, students can apply to continue their studies as self-financed students. Before the expiry date of the application, the student can apply for the annual review, such as the assessment of qualified, approved by CSC, the student can resume from the next academic year for scholarships.


2) If students have any of the following conditions, Chinese government scholarship will be cancelled:

  •   Being ordered to drop out or dismissed from school;

  •   Failed to pass the annual review for two years during study period;

  •   Did not participate in the annual review without justification.


Those who have been disqualified from the Chinese Government Scholarship will cease their scholarship from the start of next academic year and their qualifications to enjoy the Chinese Government Scholarship shall not resume.

7.     Contact

Contact Person: Joyce Xu


Telephone Number: 025-83787958



留学生中国政府奖学金年审用户操作手册Annual Review Manual for Chinese Government Scholarship Students in Hohai University.pdf

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