​2021 Hohai University Master Programs of Water Conservancy Professionals Along Belt& Road Countries

About Hohai University

Established in 1915, Hohai University (HHU) already has a century-old history. Under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education, HHU has upgraded itself with good momentum of development in hydraulic engineering and water resources as its main focus, education of engineering subjects as its first priority, and coordinated development of a wide array of disciplines. It’s a state key university under the “Double First-Rate” Discipline plan, with national level innovation platforms as well as the graduate school.

HHU has been carrying out international communication and cooperation actively and built close relationships with more than 80 first-class universities and research institutes around the world. It’s the first batch of universities authorized to grant doctoral, master and bachelor's degrees to international students and has cultivated thousands of international talents till now.


Degree and Education Duration

Hohai carries out a flexible schooling system. The standard academic master program is 3 years, the duration is minimum 2 years and no more than 5 years.



Hydrology and Water Resources

Civil   Engineering

Hydraulics and River Dynamics

Environmental   Science and Engineering

Hydraulic Structure Engineering

Public   Administration

Water Conservancy &Hydropower Engineering

Resettlement   Science and Engineering

Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering




The applicant should have a relevant bachelor degree with the applied major or above, under age 35(born after Sep, 1st, 1986), be healthy physically and mentally. Those who hold IELTS or TOEFL certificate will enjoy the priority to be recommended.



The application should be submitted before Apr.30, 2021.


Application Method:

1) Complete Chinese government Scholarship online application on http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn (Agency number: 10294, type: B)

2) Complete Hohai University online application on http://admission.hhu.edu.cn

3) Pay the application fee 400RMB.


Application Documents:

1) Scan copy of the passport (Valid after Aug.30, 2022);

2) Scan copies of the original diploma and degree (Chinese or English version).  Those to be graduated should provide the proof of graduation from current school;

3) Scan copy of the original transcript with all the courses (Chinese or English version);

4) Curriculum vitae or study plan, including study& work experience, academic achievement, future development, etc. 400-800 words;

5) A recommendation letter from the head of the applicant’s current working or studying institute;

6) Foreigner physical examination form. The applicant shall complete all the items as listed. The result is valid for 6 months.

7) Corresponding English certificate, IELTS or TOEFL certificate, etc.

8) Non-criminal record.



The scholarship consists of tuition, accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance and living allowance 3000RMB/month, international airfare not included.



The dormitory facilities include the bed, mattress, desk, closet, chair, hot water, internet access, toilet and public laundry room.


Visa Application and Registration:

The admitted applicant shall submit the admission notice, JW201 visa application form, physical report and blood test report to local Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply for a student (X1) visa to China and register at Hohai University within the appointed time on the admission notice. The applicant who doesn’t obtain the required degree or certificate as descried on the proof of graduation by Sep.2021 will be cancelled the chance of registration.

The specific registration way and time will be sent via official email and notification under the pandemic.



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