FAQ for the Application

1. How to apply for Hohai University? Are the hard copies needed?

The applicant should complete the Hohai online application via

http://admission.hhu.edu.cn. There's no need to send any hard copies to the University.


2. Where to find the disciplines available to the international students?

See the link: http://ie.hhu.edu.cn/7302/list.htm.


3. Is there any application fee? How to pay it?

The 400RMB application fee is mandatory, which is not refunded and can be paid via Ali/Wechat pay. The application without the application fee won't be accepted.

See the guidance on: http://ie.hhu.edu.cn/2021/0112/c7349a218488/page.htm


4. What's the next step after the payment of the application fee? What does  final result unreleased mean?

The University will get the payment approved within 3 days. Professors from different Colleges will approve the qualified applications and reject the rest, the status of which can be tracked online. The offer will be officially sent by email, before that the final result is unreleased.


5. Is the applicant in China eligible to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship?

The applicant who's in China now is eligible to apply for the 2021 Chinese Government Scholarship from Hohai University under the pandemic. Not all the majors are available for the CSC scholarship. The applicant may write to the admission office for the details.

NoteIt's not available to the undergraduate applicant.


6. How to apply for different types of scholarships?

The Self-sponsored portal is for self-funded applicant, Chinese Government Scholarship for CSC, Inter-school exchange for exchange student, Chinese School Scholarship for Hohai University Scholarship, IAHR-Hohai Scholarship for the doctoral applicant in Water Conservancy, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering related fields.

Each applicant only needs to complete one application and pay one time application fee. The University will decide on the scholarship type according to the ranking and inform those to be admitted by email.


7. How to apply for the Jiangsu Government Scholarship?

The Jiangsu Government Scholarship policy has changed from 2020. The individual application is not accepted by the University now.


8. Is the acceptance letter necessary?

The acceptance letter is not mandatory for the application. Some of the applicants who've obtained the acceptance letter may upload in the system as a reference but it's not inevitably relevant with the admission. The University will designate each graduate student one proper supervisor after the registration.

9. Is the student to graduate in Jun. 2021 eligible to apply?

Yes. The applicant who will graduate in Jun. 2021 should provide the graduation proof/ study certificate from current school. The admitted candidate who fails to obtain the required degree/diploma by Sep. 2021 will be canceled of offer immediately.


10. How to upload the China related visa/residence permit if the applicant has never been to China?

Please upload the passport page again instead.


11. Is the previous foreign physical examination form acceptable if the applicant is in China? How long is it valid?

The foreign physical examination form is valid within 6 months. The applicant in China can upload current physical report temporarily and renew the qualified one upon admission. The overseas applicant has to submit the physical form within 6 months.


12. Does the scholarship applicant need to provide financial proof? Which document needs to be provided?

Yes. The financial proof is needed no matter how, which can be the family deposit, property certificate or parent/guardian income certificate, over $5000 suggested.


13. How to provide the non-criminal certificate?

The applicant may get the non-criminal certificate from the relevant governmental/ educational institute. A non-criminal statement from the applicant can be uploaded instead if the local institute doesn't provide it.


14. Is the application acceptable if lack of relevant HSK certificate under the pandemic?

The applicant needs to obtain the required HSK certificate by Sep. 2021. Under the pandemic some of the HSK exams have been postponed or canceled. Please contact the admission office for such condition and the University will organize exam/interview for further consideration.


15. When the result will be released?

Generally speaking the University will work out the result within 2 months after the application fee payment. The University will only inform those to be admitted due to large amounts of applications. The applicant may write to confirm if the application has been in process for quite a long time.


16. When is the registration time?

It's Sep. 2021 in general. The University will inform the admitted students officially the specific registration time and method under the COVID-19 prevention guideline of the Chinese government.


17. How to contact Hohai University?

The applicant can write to admission@hhu.edu.cn for any question/help, or dial the admission office by +86-25-83787955 during working time.