Specific items for review and defense of doctoral dissertation (January 2019)



Specific items for review and defense of doctoral dissertation (January 2019)


According to the requirements of the evaluation methods for doctoral dissertation in the management measures for doctoral dissertation work of Hohai University (河海研[2011] No. 49) and in combination with the actual work, we hereby notify the following specific matters concerning the evaluation, submission and defense of doctoral dissertation:



1- Acceptance time

The time for application for review of doctoral dissertation, acceptance of examination and approval procedures for defense, receiving review comments and defense materials is 9:00-12:00 every Tuesday and Thursday, and other time will not be accepted. The paper review work is generally completed within 60 days, and the defense approval work is generally completed within 3 working days.



2- Online process

All links from the end of blind evaluation to the end of filing of doctoral dissertation application for postgraduates must be logged into the website of Graduate School "doctoral dissertation application system" (http://xw.hhu.edu.cn:8080 ), fill in relevant information as required, submit application and query progress.








3- Dissertation review

1) Dissertation requirements

Paper cover: the author's name, student number and tutor's name are hidden, and the subject name and thesis title are reserved;

Chinese and English title page: hide the author's name, student number, tutor's name, and keep the subject name and thesis title;

Original and authorized instructions for the use of dissertation: do not sign at the author's office;

Published papers and patents during the course of studying for Doctoral Degree: number and category of published academic papers (SCI source journal, EI source journal, SCI retrieval, EI retrieval, CPCI retrieval, CSSCI retrieval, SSCI retrieval, Chinese core, science and technology core, etc.); (should not show authors information).

Acknowledgment page: deleted; other formats refer to the regulations on the compilation format of doctoral dissertation (Master's degree) of Hohai University.


2). Submission email (to hhuxwb@hhu.edu.cn, email name "student number + name博士论文送审"): 

  1. PDF格式的电子版学位论文(创新成果表放在博士学位论文最后,单独一页。将学位论文及创新成果表的Word版本转化为PDF格式),命名规则“10294_二级学科专业代码_学号_姓名_LW”(如“10294_081501_14012013120001_张三_LW”);


Electronic dissertation in PDF format (the innovation results form is placed at the end of the doctoral dissertation, on a separate page. Convert the word version of the dissertation and innovation achievement table to PDF format), and the naming rule is "10294_level II discipline code_student number_name_LW" such as “10294_081501_14012013120001_张三_LW”

If there is a reevaluation, it must be attached with the paper modification instructions (sorted out according to the comments, placed before the cover of the reevaluation paper).

  1. EXCEL格式“博士论文送审信息表”,命名规则“学号+姓名+博士论文送审信息表”(如“14012013120001张三博士论文送审信息表”)

The format of Excel is "doctoral dissertation submission information sheet", and the naming rule is "student number + name + doctoral dissertation submission information form" (such as "14012013120001张三博士论文送审信息表").

  1. 《博士研究生论文答辩及学位申请书》



Doctoral dissertation defense and degree application

In duplicate, fill in the paper pre defense record on page 6, page 7, 8 and 9 do not need to be filled in temporarily. A4 paper two-sided printing.

The result column on page 2 of the application shall be reviewed by the college and signed and sealed.

  1. 《博士学位论文形式审查表》:1份,由导师签名确认合格。

Examination form of doctoral dissertation: 1 copy, signed and confirmed as qualified by the tutor.

  1. 发表学术论文发表学术论文(申请书第4页所填写)复印件、检索报告各1份。学术论文需复印刊物的封面、目录、论文全文,原件备查


One copy and one search report of the academic paper published (filled in on page 4 of the application form). The cover, catalogue and full text of the academic paper shall be copied, and the original copy shall be kept for future reference.

Please download the above 3-4 materials from the website of Graduate School of Hohai University.


4- Materials required for examination and approval of Defense



The thesis defense and degree application of doctoral students (in duplicate, and the format shall not be changed), hereinafter referred to as the application.

The Secretary of the defense shall summarize the comments on the paper, transcribe them to page 7 and 8 of the application form, and sign by the instructor for confirmation. At the same time, he shall fill in the composition of the Defense Committee and the time and place of the application for defense to page 9 of the application form, and submit them to the college for approval.


5- Requirements for composition of the defence committee


The Doctoral Dissertation Defense Committee shall be composed of 5 or 7 experts, including at least 2 off campus experts. For other requirements, please refer to the relevant provisions in the measures for the administration of doctoral dissertation work of Hohai University (河海研[2011] No. 49).


6- Filing of doctoral degree application materials


After the doctoral candidates' defense, all the filing materials shall be sorted out according to the filing catalog requirements and submitted to the affiliated college.


















1. Filing materials

(1) One copy of "Graduate Work Archives of Hohai University".

(2) One copy of "contents of Graduate Work Archives".

(3) One copy of "doctoral study plan".

(4) One copy of "literature reading and review report".

(5) One copy of "work plan and opening report of doctoral dissertation of Hohai University".

(6) One copy of "mid-term evaluation form of thesis".

(7) 2 copies of "Defense and degree application form".

(8) 3 copies of "paper review form" (attached if there is a reevaluation or appeal).

(9) 2 copies of "Resolution of defense".

(10) 5 or 7 copies of "Reply vote".

(11) Copies of academic papers published.

(12) Three copies of dissertation.

(13) One copy of paper "doctoral degree evaluation summary form".

(14One copy of paper "explanation on the revision of postgraduate dissertation of Hohai University".

(15) One copy of paper "examination content form of doctoral dissertation".

(16) Others.








2. Requirements

(1) All archival materials shall be collected and submitted by the Secretary of Defense (Article 4 of the duties of the Secretary of Defense).

(2) The tutor needs to sign in the "tutor comments" column of the "graduate student Work archives form of Hohai University", indicating that the tutor recognizes that the archived materials are correct and agrees to archive.

(3) The reply vote shall be pasted in the blank of the last page of one of the reply resolutions.

(4) The content of "doctoral degree evaluation brief form" shall be consistent with the content of the application form, and the paper form shall be signed by the tutor and the student.

(5) According to the order of "contents in graduate business archives", arrange the required materials and prepare the page number. Materials not required in the catalogue shall be placed separately.

(6) After the thesis defense is passed, it shall be submitted to the college for examination and acceptance before the meeting of the degree evaluation Sub Committee (or according to the time required by the college).

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