Guidelines for Applying Masters Degree 关于硕士学位申请的说明



Guidelines for Applying Masters Degree

  1. 河海大学硕士学位论文工作管理办法

Hohai University Master's Thesis Management Measures

  1. 关于授予研究生学位基本要求的重要通知

 Important Notice on the Basic Requirements to Apply for a Master’s or Doctor’s Degree

  1. 硕士学位申请流程

 Process of Thesis Review, Defense, Application for Master’s Degree

附件 Attachment

1. 河海大学博士(硕士)学位论文编写格式规定

Regulations on the compilation format of doctoral dissertation (Master's Thesis) of Hohai University

2. 硕士论文答辩及学位申请书

Defense and Degree Application Form (Master)

3. 硕士学位答辩材料归档清单及要求

Master's degree defense materials filing list and requirements

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