The Second International Friendship Neighborhood Festival of Gulou District


The Second International Friendship Neighborhood Festival of Gulou District International Community was held on the afternoon of 1st December, 2019   at Jinlun International Plaza in Xinjiekou. Foreigner Students from different College and University, Business person as well as local respected Community residents of Gulou District were invited to participate in the event.

The audiences enjoyed various styles of cultural stage performance as well as off-stage Chinese Traditional booth display. In addition to Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, the international community in Gulou District has also established a new type of international and domestic voluntary service platform, so it will be  beneficial for both international and Chinese local residents.

 During this Friendly Neighborhoods Festival, the Authorized community leaders issued certificates to the community’s international community volunteers and network members, inviting them to contribute their strength in the construction of an international community to be a part of community governance. It also awarded the  The Best Partner Award to International School, Hohai University,  that support the construction of international communities in the jurisdiction.

The organizing committee of Gulou District gave an Honorary “Partner Award” to Hohai University.  Mrs. Yang, Section cheif of Student Affairs, International School, Hohai University received the Honorary Award on behalf of Hohai University. 20 International Students from Hohai University also took part in this event. The participant students praised highly about the International Friendship Neighborhood Festival of Gulou District, they expressed their gratitude’s to the Gulou District Community and International School, Hohai University.


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