PhD Forum for International Students is held


International School of Hohai University organized the PhD Forum for International Students on 27th November, 2019 (Wednesday) in order to deliver knowledge about the essential requirements  to apply for a doctoral degree from Hohai University. Mr FAN Rui, vice-dean of International School was present during the forum; he gave a speech for the opening ceremony. Mr FAN mentioned that the PhD Forum is very vital for doctoral degree students during their academic life at Hohai University. Mrs. LI Junyu, director of academic office, International School briefly announces rules and regulation for applying for the PhD degree from Hohai University.


Two professors were invited as a key note speaker. Prof. JI Jian, College of Civil & Transportation Engineering was invited as a professional scientific journal editor for delivering useful tips for publishing academic scientific articles during their PhD studies. Prof. JI pointed out certain effective methods for writing a good academic article. Prof. SHI Guoqing, School of Public Administration was invited as an expert to give research advices regarding academic research: directions, planning and implementation. Prof. SHI also gave several important guidelines about successful writing of a PhD dissertation.


Mr.Gazi Tawfiq Ezaz, PhD candidate, College of Hydrology & Water Resources introduced the necessities of the PhD Forum for PhD students from students’ point of view. Three senior PhD students provided their research experiences during the forum in order to encourage new PhD students regarding their research activities at HHU. Mr. Nizar Alkayem, PhD candidate from College of Engineering Mechanics gave a detailed presentation about his experiences of SCI publications as well dissertation writing during his PhD degree study. Mr. Nizar also provides information about his involvements regarding conferences. Mr. Yousef Alhaj Hamoud, PhD candidate, College of Agricultural Engineering discussed briefly about his laboratory experiences and pointed out important instructions for improvement of laboratory based agricultural research. Mr. Salisu Gidado Dalibi, PhD candidate from Business School gave a brief presentation about Challenges during PhD degree study.


About 150 PhD students from different colleges took part in the PhD Forum. Students were very focused as well as energetic from beginning to end of this research forum and they pointed out that these types of academic activities can improve their research skills. (LI Junyu , Gazi Tawfiq Ezaz,)

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