News on International Cultural Festival, 2019


Cultural Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Hohai University. Every Year Hohai University host Cultural Festival for International Students in order to promote the Global cultural atmosphere at the Hohai University. International Students also can know about Chinese Traditional Cultural activities.

This Year, Hohai University hosted the International Cultural Festival, 2019 on 26th October (Saturday).  Students from more than 40 Countries enjoyed this colorful Cultural Festival and 30 Countries displayed their own traditional culture.

Mr. Xu, Vice President of Hohai University was present during the opening Ceremony of the Cultural Festival and gave an opening speech. Mr. Zhang Haijun, Dean and Mr. Fan Rui, Vice Dean, of International School also present and enjoyed the full festival. Mr. Zhang Haijun exchanged greetings with International Students and observed historical as well as different traditional foods displayed by different countries.

Students appreciated the full program of the Cultural Festival. There were various types of stage shows including Hohai University Theme Song by International Students, a fashion show of different countries, dragon dance and lion dance. Students were amazed by the fire show performed by an International Student.  

China is rich in tradition and culture. Cultural Festival can act as a strong bonding between Chinese and International Students. International Students of Hohai University expressed their gratitude to the International School and Hohai University for organizing Cultural Festival every year.

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