International Students of Hohai University Experienced The Suzhou National Orchestra performance

June 7, 2019, The Suzhou National Orchestra performance was held in the Concert Hall of Jiangsu Grand Theatre.

The International School of Hohai University invited the overseas students to participate and attend the performance. The vice-dean and the teachers of the International School as well as 45 Students representing various nationalities, took part in the performance and highly praised the musical performance. 

The Suzhou National Orchestra performed five excellent national Chinese orchestral works by famous contemporary composers at the concert, such as “Guangming Xing” by Ye Xiaogang, “Gui” by Liu Changyuan, and “Lyric Variations” by Wang Danhong, in addition tothe “Gan Jiang Moxie Fantasy” by Zhang Dynasty and “Four Seasons” by Wang Danhong.

The concert was performed by PengJiapeng, the orchestra's art director and chief conductor, and Zhu Changyao, the orchestra's art director and renowned Erhu performer, as a solo of Guangming Xing. The artists interpreted the perfect integration of national music and international expression.

The international students of Hohai were very happy to attend such a pleasant performance which gave them the chance to experience a professional and supreme Chinese Folk Music. Moreover, it was a rare chance for the students to recognize the beauty and integration between the Chinese traditional and the Western musical instruments.