Hohai University hosted the 1st IAHR-Hohai International Forum on Higher Education of Hydro-Environment Engineering, 2019

Hohai University hosted the 1st IAHR-Hohai International Forum on Higher Education of Hydro-Environment Engineering on Wednesday, May15th ,2019.The International Association of Hydro-environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) Forum was marked with high dignitaries including the President of Hohai University Mr. Xu Hui, the President of IAHR -Peter Goodwin and Vice Presidents of the association- James Ball, Arturo Marcano, and Silke Wieprecht. The IAHR- Hohai committee leaders were also present at the forum.

The former Executive Director- Christopher George gave an opening speech to welcome all participants to the 1st edition of the Forum. Mr. Weiya Xu- President of IAHR-Hohai University, gave a speech on water resources management in the context of Climate change. Furthermore, the President of IAHR -Peter Goodwin spoke about advancing hydro- Environment Engineering Education through Global Teams. He emphasized on the fact that climate change is a global problem, which requires global teamwork from all countries.  IAHR-Hohai committee members from the United States of America, France, China, and Canada made special reports on research progress related to the IAHR Forum.

Some International Sudents of Hohai University also attended the Forum, they highly praised the opportunity to gain the valuable knowledge of the latest global problems and  modern techniques of solving the problems. International Students also pointed out that this kind of higher educational forum can help students to enhance their research ability in the future.