Instructions for Examination of International Students 河海大学国际教育学院学生考试考场须知




1.  迟到十五分钟者不得入场

2.  考试开始后30分钟内不得离开考场

3.  携带有效证件(如学生证/研究生证、身份证件、准考证)

4.  在指定座位就座

5.  考试无关的物品集中放置

6.  考场内保持安静,不得交谈,不得互借文具

7.  在规定的时间内答卷,不得拖延时间

8.  考试结束后,经监考人员收卷,并清点试卷份数无误,宣布离场后,方可离开


Instructions for Examination of International Students


1、        Those who are fifteen minutes late are not allowed to enter examination room.

2、        Within 30 minutes after the examination begins, no one can leave examination room.

3、        Examinees must carry valid certificates (such as student card, passport, admission card).

4、        Examinees must be seated at appointed seats.

5、        Irrelevant items must be placed collectively.

6、        Keep quiet in the examination room. Conversation and borrowing stationery are not allowed.

7、        Examinees must finish their papers in fixed time. No time delay is allowed.

8、        Examinees can not leave the classroom until the invigilators collect and count the papers unmistakenly after examination.


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