Residence Permit and Visa

1.  International students planning to stay in China for over one year (included) shall apply for X visa before entry to Chinathose expecting a (less than) one-year stay  are to apply for X or F visa.

2.    Upon entry to China, carry the required documents to register for temporary residence via the College of International Education.

3.    Register your residence with the local police station by Wechat within 24 hours of your entry ,and make prescribed payment of administration fees to Exit &Entry Administration Ministry of Nanjing Public Security Bureau .

4.   (1)International students holding X visa shall apply for residence permit within 30 days after the date of entry. 

         (2)  Students holding F visa may stay in China for the equivalent days specified in the visa. Those in need of extending the study period in China shall apply for residence permit before the date of expiration of the visa.

5.    Make sure to carry your passport and student ID card with you when travelling away from campus, for the public security department may ask to check your identity.

6.    In case of residence permit extension or change, please submit your application to the International School at least 2 weeks before the expiration date.