2021 Undergraduate Programs of Hohai University

2021 Undergraduate Programs Taught in Chinese of Hohai University


College of Hydrology and Water Resources

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

Physical Geography and Resource& Environment

Water Engineering

Geographical Information Science

College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering

Water and Hydropower Engineering 

College of Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering

Harbor, Waterway and Coastal Engineering

Marine Resource Development Technology

College of Civil and Transportation Engineering

Civil Engineering

Traffic Engineering

College of Environment

Environmental Engineering

Water Science and Engineering

Environmental Science

Ecological Engineering of Environment

College of Energy and Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation


Energy and Power Engineering

Renewable Energy Science and Technology

College of Computer and Information

Computer Science and Technology

Telecommunication Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Intelligent Science and Technology

Software Engineering

College of Mechanics and Materials

Engineering Mechanics

Material Science and Engineering

School of Earth Science and Engineering

Geological Engineering

Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering

Remote Sensing Science and Technology

College of Agricultural Science and Engineering

Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering

Land Consolidation Engineering

College of Oceanography

Marine Science

College of Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information and Computational Science

Applied Physics

College of Business

Construction Management

Information Management and Information Systems

Financial Management

Business Administration



Human Resource Management

International Economics and Trade

Big Data Management and Application

Financial Engineering

School of Public Administration

Labor and Social Security

Broadcasting and TV

Land Resources Management


School of Law


College of International Languages and Cultures

English Language and Literature

French Language and Literature