Nanjing Gov. Scholarship

The Nanjing Government Scholarship has been implemented from Sep, 2013. The annual subsidy will be 20,000RMB/year for postgraduate and PHD students, 10,000RMB/year for undergraduate student, 5000RMB/semester for non-degree students.


The applicants should:

1、                Be no more than 28 years as a undergraduate student, no more than 35 years as a postgraduate student, no more than 40 years as a PHD student;

2、                the non-degree student should have obtained the bachelor degree;

3、                have enjoyed neither other government scholarship nor Hohai full scholarship;

4、                those who has certain Chinese language proficiency(HSK certificate provided) will enjoy the priority.

Documents Required:

1、         Nanjing Government Scholarship Application Form


2、         the most advanced certificate or diploma

3、         the most advance transcript

4、         study plan in China

5、         two recommendation letter from related professor

6、         language proficiency certificate( eg.HSK certificate)

7、         copy of the passport

8、         health report


Applicants must apply for the scholarship between March 1st and June 15th each year.


Contact Information

International School, Hohai University

Address: NO 1 Xikang Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Zip code: 210098

Telephone: +86-25-83786244

FAX: +86-25-83787958