1.      Q: How to pay the fees?

A:you may pay in person by bank card. Any Chinese bank card can work.


2.      Q:May I pay a portion of tuition at a time?

A: Students must pay all the tuition fee in one time.


3.      Q:Do I need to pay for the textbooks?

A: The tuition fee already covers the cost for textbooks.


4.       Q: If I have been admitted but I can not come to study this semester, may I postpone the enrollment to the next semester?
A: No. You may apply again for next semester.


5.      Q: When are the courses?

     A: For beginners and intermediate level classes: The required courses are both in the morning and afternoon on every workday.

For high level classes: Most of the courses are in the morning time. There might be one course in the afternoon.


6.    Q: Will I be able to do the intermediate speaking classes but beginner writing classes at the same time?

A:Yes. The courses are quite flexible.


7.   Q:Can I work in Nanjing while I am studying?

A:Foreigners without residence permits and those who study in Nanjing must not work in Nanjing before they get approval from Jiangsu Provincial Labor Bureau.


8. Q:Where to obtain Foreign Residence Permit?

     A: The Address is No.173 Baixia Lu, Entry-Exit Administration Division of Nanjing Public Security  Bureau.


9.  Q:How and Where to get the Certificate of Physical Examination Verification?

     A:The student should go to the NANJING Entry-Exit Administration and Quarantine Bureau between     8:30 ~ 11:30 a.m. with the following stuff:

 1.Your original Physical Examination Documents

  2. Passport photo and Passport

  3.20 RMB for verification or 380 RMB for physical examination

You can pick up the verification certificate in 3 days.

Address:No.1 Baixia Road, Nanjing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau