Why Choose Hohai


As a specialized institution for Chinese language and culture teaching, the Chinese language training center of Hohai University (HHIS) has accumulated a wealth of experience after having operated over a decade. We have cultivated a number of international talents with advanced Chinese proficiency and Chinese cultural awareness. The recruit of long-term students, short-term students and Chinese preppies is long-term available.


Long-term Training Program



Long-term Chinese training courses are offered in every spring semester and autumn semester. Students will be placed into classes of different levels according to their Chinese proficiency. The courses are to be delivered by professional Chinese teachers, focusing on Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing. The excellent teaching resources ensure the good teaching effect.



The main training courses include Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Reading and Oral Chinese, with an emphasis on polishing language skills. In addition, there are cultural courses like Chinese Painting and Kung fu so as to promote students’ Chinese cultural and artistic accomplishments. 

The teaching totally lasts 15-18 hours in classroom every week and 20 weeks a semester usually.


 Course Features

l Geographical and cost advantages;

 l  Establish courses both in main campus and Jiangning campus;

 l Three levels of Chinese proficiency at least: beginners, elementary, intermediate;

 l  Small-size class teaching with no more than 15 students;

 l  Mixed class with international students;

 l Graduation certificate issuance after the end of all courses.


 Language Practices and Extracurricular Activities

In addition to Chinese learning, various activities about Chinese language and culture are held regularly, including Chinese competitions, Chinese Corner,talent shows, lectures and cultural exchange, etc.


Short-term Training Program



The International School welcomes international students and groups to enjoy short-term Chinese language learning and to experience this unique culture as well as to participate in professional practices in winter and summer vacation.With flexible length of schooling, ranging from three weeks to two months, students will improve their Chinese language abilities in a limited time, including Chinese Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, and also expose themselves to the colorful Chinese culture.



Chinese Training courses

The International School has a team of professional and experienced teachers and advanced facilities to help the students learn Chinese in a short time. With an average of four immersive Chinese courses everyday, interactive discussions and practical exercises, students’ knowledge of Chinese language and their communicative competence will be promoted greatly.


Academic Exchange Experiences and Professional Practices

Based on the long “water culture” of Hohai University, the program offers practical courses and lectures, academic exchanges and professional practices concerning hydrology and water resources as well as the field study tours so as to motivate students’ heuristic and experiential learning and to promote their exploration and innovation ability.


 Chinese Cultural Experience

Chinese cultural courses include in Chinese painting, calligraphy ,stringed music and Tai Chi, all of which are full of Chinese unique features to help international students walk into Chinese culture. Moreover, students are access to visit Nanjing and Jiangnan attractions, learn and cook Chinese food, and make Chinese handicrafts so as to expand and deepen their understanding of history, culture and modern society of China.


Course Features

  Flexibly customized mode according to students’ needs;

  Diversified courses including cultural activities and academic lectures;

  Creative teaching methods;

  Flexible length of schooling: 3 weeks – 2 months;

  Small-size class teaching with 15 students;

  Professional services team with dedication and qualification.