2015 Postgraduate Programs for International Students of Hohai University


1.      Majors

Students applying for Chinese-taught programs will be cultivated according to Hohai University Graduates Programs as listed on the website of <http://gs.hhu.edu.cn/s/11/t/359/bc/c0/info113856.htm for Masters and http://gs.hhu.edu.cn/s/11/t/359/f1/53/info127315.htm for Doctors>.

Students applying for English-taught programs will be cultivated according to Hohai University all-English  Programs as listed  on the page of <http://ie.hhu.edu.cn/s/104/t/404/d1/07/info119047.htm>.


2.      Length of Schooling

The duration of master programs is 2 to 3 years and the doctoral one is 3 to 4 years.


3.      Qualification

healthy foreigners, over 22. The master applicant should have a bachelor degree or equivalent one; the Ph.D applicant should have a master degree or equivalent one.

Chinese citizens who have obtained foreign nationalities after shall follow the200983 regulation of Ministry of Education of China.


4. Application Period: Jan.1 to Jun.15, 2015. The scholarship application period varies according to different scholarships.


5. Application Documents:

1).<Hohai International Students Application Form>;


2). A copy of passport and visa page;

3). A copy of Diploma and degree (notarized version) ;

4). Related transcripts (original or notarized version);

5). Three recent photos;

6). A statement of purpose, including personal experience, the professional background and research plan, 400-800 words.

7). The abstract and content of the applicant’s thesis published;

8). Two recommendation letters from (associate) professors;

9). Healthy report.


6. Scholarships: Hohai University offers lots of scholarships for international students.

1). Chinese Government Scholarship CSC

●Full scholarship (including tuition, lodging, comprehensive medical insurance, medical care, learning material and living allowance);

Partial scholarship means one or a few items under the Full Scholarship.

●Application Period: Jan.1 to Apr. 15, 2015.

●Application Procedures:

1. The applicant shall get the support from local Chinese Embassy or Consulate. An award letter from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate for the approval of scholarship should be offered if the applicant manages to pass the qualification examination.

2. The applicant shall contact Hohai University for a pre-admission.

3. The applicant shall fulfill the CSC online application (Agency Number: 10294):


4. The applicant shall submit all the application documents to local Chinese Embassy or Consulate, as well as our pre-admission if there’s one.

CSC candidates recommended by Hohai University

The postgraduate applicants abroad may also contact Hohai University directly by admission@hhu.edu.cn for the Chinese government scholarship. The applicant shall fulfill the online CSC application and post it as well as the documents required by Item Four to International School.

●You can also find more information of the CSC scholarship from the following link:



2). Hohai University scholarship

● Full scholarship includes: tuition, accommodation, living allowance and comprehensive insurance;

Partial scholarship includes one or a few items under the Full Scholarship.

●Application Period: Jan.1 to Jun. 15, 2015.

●Application Procedures: The applicant shall post and send all the documents required by Item Four to International School. 


3). Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship

Full scholarship includes: tuition, accommodation, living allowance and comprehensive insurance;

Partial scholarship includes one or a few items under the Full Scholarship, merely for the first year.

●Application Period: Jan.1 to June. 15, 2015.

●On-line application: http://www.studyinjiangsu.org/. After finishing the on-line application, pls download the application form and send the signed form together with the other documents to Jasmine Jiangsu Scholarship Council with the following address: 茉莉花留学江苏政府奖学金评审委员会办公室

中国江苏省南京市北京西路151212 (Room 1212, 15# West Beijing Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu province, P.R.China)




4). Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship

● The scholarship is 20,000RMB/year.

●Application Period: Jan.1 to Jun. 15, 2015.

●Application Procedure:

Send all the documents as required to International School by post.

(Please download the application form for Nanjing Government Scholarship from the link: http://ie.hhu.edu.cn/picture/article/51/df/81/e42959614945823bf591ad92055c/381106fc-1c6a-4565-b1bd-b93f81b431bf.pdf)


5). Enterprise Joint Scholarship

The enterprise scholarship refers to Hohai University scholarship.

The applicant should sign a contract with the enterprise for a certain years of serving after the graduation.


7. Admission and Announcement

The applicant shall find the result of admission and scholarship on the website of International School: http://hhis.hhu.edu.cn before Jul.15, 2015.

Our Admission Notice as well as Visa Application for Study in China (JW201/202 Form) will be delivered to those who’re enrolled.


8. Visa Application and Registration

Those who’re enrolled shall submit the Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study in China (JW201/202 Form), Physical Report and Blood Test Report to local Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply a student (X) visa to China. The applicant shall register at Hohai University within the appointed time on the admission notice.


9. Cost





24,000 RMB/year

32,000 RMB/year


32,000 RMB/year

44,000 RMB/year

Registration: 400RMB.

Accommodation: 800-2000RMB/month subjects to different conditions; Those who haven’t get the scholarship shall book in advance before Jul.15, 2015 by email to admission@hhu.edu.cn. Those who haven’t succeeded to book a dormitory have to live off the campus by themselves.


10. Contacts

International School

Add: No.1, Xikang Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

Zip Code: 210098

Tel: +86 25 83786244

Fax: +86 25 83787958

Email: admission@hhu.edu.cn

Website: http://hhis.hhu.edu.cn, http://cie.hhu.edu.cn