The Culture Trip to Xixia Mountain 


      In order to help those students to aknowledge and integrate Nanjing City in a faster way, on November 30th, 2014, the College of International Education of Hohai University organized a trip to call up around thirty students from over 10 countries to a Xixia Mountain.




      The trip create an opportunity for schoolmates to know each other more, then could enjoy harmonized environment in the campus.

      As it is known, Qixia Mountain  is located in the QiXia district of NanJing City, there is considered as one of the four most elegant red leaves scenic spots in China.

      Amazed by the beauty of the site, the International Students were gifed to become an instant photographer. Smiles, laughs and countless boahahas, the atmosphere became full of positivity, by the way they took their cameras and made those moments immortal.

     Finally after a rude climbing and walking, we made a family photo to make it as happy ending event. Most of the International Students are satisfied by this trip and wished: "We'll come back again next time".



Photos by: MOHAMMAD Ali

Directed by: RAKOTOMAVO David Richman