Chinese Training Programs for International Students of Hohai University


Chinese Training Programs for International Students of Hohai University


Qualification: Healthy Foreigners, Over 16.


Application Period: Spring semester before Januay 20th

                                Autumn semester before June 30th


Application Documents:

1.<Hohai International Students Application Form>;

(Downloaded from:

2. A copy of passport and visa page;

3. A copy of Diploma and degree (notarized version) ;

4. Related transcripts (original or notarized version);

5. Three recent photos;

6. Healthy report (unnecessary for those who stay less than 180 days)


Application Procedure: 

1. Applicants apply on line

2.The school examines and verifies the materials and announces the admission result; 

3. Applicants who get the admission submit all paper materials as required to the office and pay the application fee (RMB 300).

4. School of International Education makes Letter of Admission and visa form and gives them to the applicants.


Visa Application and Registration

Those whore enrolled shall submit the Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 Form)to local Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply a student (X) visa to China. The applicant shall register at Hohai University within the appointed time on the admission notice.


Curriculum Introduction 




The long-term language classes have three main levels- elementary, intermediate, and advanced, fitting for students who aim to improve their knowledge of Chinese and Chinese language skills. The classes stress the equal importance of listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese in order to improve the abilty of the learners to use Chinese for communiaction.The curriculum also includes Chinese painting and Kong Fu class for students experiencing the unique charm of Chinese culture.

Every semester we organize rich cultural activities like talent shows, Chinese language contests, cultural lectures, and so on.



Registration Fee: 300RMB

Chinese Tuition: 6600RMB for one semester

                            13200RMB for one year




College of International Education

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Zip Code: 210098

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