Campus Card and Bank Card

       (1) Why do I Need a Campus Card?

You can access the following using your campus card:

Borrowing books in school library, purchase of food in school canteens, purchase in education supermarket on campus, campus hospital (for those with scholarships). Payment of internet fees via the Campus Money Transfer Machine.

(2)How to Apply for a Campus Card?

Step 1: Get a Debit Card from Bank of China Mogan Road Branch.

To connect your bank card with your campus card, it is necessary that you apply for a debit card at Bank of China Mogan Road Branch, which is the only place that provides such a service. Remember to show your student ID card to the clerk; make sure to inform the clerk of your identity as student of Hohai University if you fail to have your student ID card with you.

Step 2: Go to the Settlement / Clearing Centre on campus

Located on: 1st floor of No.32 Building on campus map ( next to the Bank of China ATM in students’ dormitory area), make sure to bring with you 20 RMB in cash, student ID card and Debit Card of Bank of China.

(3)How to open an account with Bank of China?

Take No. 3 bus at Gate 1(main gate) and get off at Mo Gan Road stop.Your passport and student ID card will be needed when you ask to open an account.