Notice on Insurance Payment and Outpatient Reimbursement for Hohai University Partial Scholarship, Nanjing Government Scholarship and  Other Self-fund


Notice on Insurance Payment and Outpatient Reimbursement for Hohai University Partial Scholarship, Nanjing Government Scholarship and  Other Self-funding Degree Course Students


Dear Self-funding and Non-Hohai University Full Scholarship Degree Course Students,

  Please come to Room 203 of International School , pay 800 RMB of Medical Insurance during your registration day in September. Please come  and  pay by Debit Card (We accept Debit Card of any Bank in China only, no cash).  Later we will buy 800RMB per year medical insurance of Beijing Universal Medical Rescue LLC for you. For more details, please read the website for more details:

  You should undertake medical outpatient expenditure which is within 650 RMB and happening after March 2015 . The rest of your expenditure which is over 650RMB can be claimed by mailing your  Materials for claims of settlement to Beijing Universal Medical Rescue LLC.


Procedures for insurance claims:

Medical treatment for outpatient and emergency

A  Copy of passport and visa page of the Insured

B  Original of receipt

C  Medical record(detailed expenditure sheet and copy of examination report and laboratory test report of each respective treatment)

D  Copy of valid insurance certificate

E  Your Debit Card bank account details paper from the bank.

If the fees have exceeded the minimum payment line of RMB650 Yuan, then the medical record, detailed expenditure sheet and copy of examination report and laboratory test report of treatment that costs below 650 Yuan are also required to be presented.

   Materials for claims of settlement sent to:

   Addressee: 来华项目理赔部


   Please Dial: 4008105119 - 1