Notice on Self-service Printer 关于启用自助打印机的通知

Notice on Self-service Printer 关于启用自助打印机的通知

Catherine 河与海 10/12

Dear International students:

Please note that our university has officially initialized a self-service printing system. Everyone can print through a self-service printer (up to 3 copies per person/category).



1.      学籍证明 Education Certificate 

2.      离校通知单 Clearance Form

3.      无犯罪记录证明 Non-Criminal Record



1.      西康路校区:河海馆大厅、学生城餐厅2楼、闻天馆大厅

2.      江宁校区:致用楼大厅、图书馆、行政楼2楼大厅

3.      常州校区:致正楼、英材楼、卓越楼

The locations of self-service printer are as follows:

1. Xikang Road Campus (Main Campus): Hall of Hohai Building, 2nd floor of Student City Restaurant, Hall of Wentian Building

2. Jiangning Campus: Hall of Zhiyong Building, Library, 2nd floor of the AdministrationBuilding

3. Changzhou Campus: Zhizheng Building, Yingcai Building, and Zhuoyue Building



The operation method of the printer is as follows:




Step 1: Choose login method

Username: Student ID

Password: Student ID (It is recommended to use unified identity authentication, If the password has not been changed, then the password is the student ID).



Step 2: Select printing items (as shown below, there are currently three categories).




Step 3: After clicking the printing item, the corresponding template will be generated to provide a preview (as shown below).


Step 4: Click “下一步/Next” and “打印/Print”, then wait for the paper to be printed.