Study Chinese at Hohai This Summer

 Come to join Hohai Summer Chinese language program!


The program offers different Chinese language courses catering to diverse demands of the international students. The courses include Chinese Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.


About Hohai University


Established in 1915, Hohai University (HHU) already has a century-old history. Under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education, HHU has upgraded itself with good momentum of development in hydraulic engineering and water resources as itsmain focus, education of engineering subjects as its first priority, and coordinated development of a wide array of disciplines. It’s a state keyuniversity under the “Double First-Rate” discipline plan, with national level innovation platforms as well as the graduate school.


HHU has been carrying out international communication and cooperation actively and built close relationships with more than 80 first-class universities and research institutes around the world. It’s the first batch of universities authorized to grant doctoral, master and bachelor's degrees to international students and has cultivated thousands of international talents till now. In 2019 there were 1723international students in total.


Course Introduction:

1. Duration

Jul.20-Aug.21, 2020

2. Course Mode

Online teaching and learning

3. Classes

1) Basic level classHSK level 1-2

2) Intermediate level classHSK level 3-4

3) Advanced level classHSK level 5-6

4. Class Size

10 above students in one class

5. Time

10 units /week, 45 min /unit

6. Curriculums

Comprehensive Chinese (Reading and Writing), Chinese Listening & Speaking, Oral Chinese


Application time:

Before Jul. 18th, 2020


Application Procedure:

1. The applicant shall need to fulfill the online application via

2. Hohai University processes the application documents.

3. Hohai University issues the official admission notices and visa forms.



Tuition: 600 RMB



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