Notice on the bachelor courses of 2020 Spring IV












Notice on the bachelor courses of 2020 Spring IV

Dear international students,

According to the arrangement of the university, the university won't reopen for international studentsby Apr.30, 2020and will inform in advance of the accurate opening date based on the pandemic prevention and control accordingly. On the basis of the effective experience of online teaching, the university has organized and formulated the online teaching plan for undergraduate students for Week 7 and after, and whether to switch to offline teaching later will be notified according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.

The arrangement of the teaching plan for international bachelor students is hereby announced as follows.

1. The week 1-6 online teaching program currently being implemented will continue to be implemented and will not be repeatedly released this time.

2. The week 7 and after online teaching program released by International School includes the program of Civil Engineering (English taught, Attach 1), Business Administration (English taught, Attach 2) and the international students of 2019 intake (Attach 3).

3. The international students studying with Chinese students, please follow the public wechat account of Teaching Department of HHU (hhujwc), and contact your college, make sure that you are in the online teaching group of each course. Follow the requirements of online teaching of HHU, receive the teacher's online guidance and assignments.

4. Whether to switch to offline teaching later shall be notified separately according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.

Please continue to pay attention to the public wechat account (Hohai-IS) of International School of Hohai University.

International School of Hohai University

March 23, 2020

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