Notice on Defense and Degree Work of Postgraduates during the Period of COVID 19 Control, Hohai University 2020


To ensure that graduate students' defense and degree work in an orderly manner during the critical moment of COVID-19 control, according to the overall arrangement of Hohai University and based on the relevant notice in the early stage, the further notice and explanation are as follows.


I. General principles

(1) Take graduate students as the center and do a good job in service and management.

(2) Strictly standardize to ensure the quality of degree work.

(3) Play the role of the first responsible person of the tutor.


II. Work initiatives

1. Adjust and optimize the work form of defense and degree management.

The pre defense, submission for review, defense, application for degree and other activities will be conducted through online, without the need for graduate students to take a one-step road. The paper materials to be archived shall be supplemented later.

2. Optimize the process, compress the working cycle and improve the efficiency.

(1) Timely handle the work of pre defense, paper duplication, etc. when the doctoral students submit the application for pre defense, the results shall be fed back on the second day at the latest.

(2) The time of submission of doctoral thesis to Graduate School is reduced from submitted every Tuesday and Thursday, completed within one week to submitted at any day, completed within two working days. The College shall shorten the time for submission of review for master’s thesis according to the number of applications.

(3) The thesis review platform of the Ministry of education will complete the review work for doctoral students within 45 working days, and for master students within 30 working days; Graduate School will try the best to communicate with the platform to reduce the time for review.

(4) The examination and approval time of doctoral thesis defense by Graduate School shall be reduced to 2 working days, and the College shall appropriately shorten the examination and approval time of master thesis defense according to the number of applications.

(5) The time for each sub-committee to submit materials related to degree application to Graduate School is reduced from 5 working days to 3 working days before the degree committee is held. The sub-committee shall shorten the time for graduate students to submit the relevant materials of applying for degree according to the number of applications.

3. Strengthen the guidance of tutor, play the role of tutor as the first person responsible for postgraduate training.

During the period of COVID-19 control, the tutors should keep close contact with each graduate student through email, telephone, QQ, wechat and other ways, timely know their academic progress, living conditions and ideological trends, and do a good job in psychological counseling. The tutors should strengthen the remote guidance of graduate students in literature research, topic planning, course learning, thesis writing, etc., and urge postgraduates to obey the overall situation of COVID-19 prevention and control. The students are not allowed to go back to university without formal notice and do a good job of self-protection to ensure physical and mental health.

4. Smooth communication channels and respond to postgraduate consultation in time.

Postgraduates can keep in touch with tutors / supervisors, colleges and Graduate Schools by email, telephone, QQ, wechat and other ways. In response to the questions raised by postgraduates, Graduate School and colleges shall respond in a timely manner to the situation; open the academic resources and duplicate checking services to provide support for graduate students to complete their research and thesis; timely help the students when they face to other difficulties.

5. Adjust the schedule of the university degree committee meeting.

(1) The original meeting of the university degree committee scheduled for March 26 was postponed and temporarily adjusted to April 16.

(2) The university degree committee meeting scheduled for June 16 is temporarily postponed for 1 to 2 weeks, with the specific time to be determined.

(3) It is planned to add one time of the university degree committee meeting in August.

6. Pay attention to the progress of epidemic control, adjust and optimize the working mode in time.

Pay close attention to the development of the epidemic situation, timely and reasonably optimize the way and process of submitting for review, defense and degree awarding according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control; if the postgraduate cannot complete the dissertation on time due to the impact of the epidemic situation, the training and degree awarding time can be appropriately extended.



Appendix 1: Master's defense and degree related work for international students

Appendix 2: Doctoral defense and degree related work for international students

Appendix 3: The process of application for Degree Transcript of international graduate students

Appendix 4: Contact of degree related work



Graduate School

International School

March 11, 2020

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