A letter to International Students 再致留学生的一封信


Dear International Students:


As required by the Ministry of Education, the universities will not open and the students will not return to campus before the effective control of COVID-19. See below for some important tips to follow.


1、The University won't open by Mar.31st, 2020. We will inform you of the opening date in advance, depending on the prevention and control of COVID-19. All the international students are NOT allowed to return to campus without official permission before the starting date.


2. The University will implement the closed-off management continually. The students who're living on campus are prohibited to go out without permission. The international student buildings are also under enclosed management. Please collaborate with the property working staff on the real-name authentication and body temperature check for any entry or exit. You're advised to wash the hands and ventilate the room frequently, to wear mask if go out, not to dine or gather together. Those who're living off campus or in other cities should abide by the relevant regulations of local government on epidemic prevention and control.


3. In accordance with the Non-stop Classes policy advocated by the Ministry of Education, the international students are encouraged to take advantage of the high quality resources from the University for self-learning. Please keep in touch with the teachers, supervisors and other working staff, concentrate on study and research during this critical time.


Your understanding and support will be highly appreciated!


                                                          International School

                                                             February 28, 2020