Notice on Cheating in Exams for International Students













Notice on Cheating in

Exams for International Students


Dear International students,

Recently some students have been caught cheating in exams, which has caused serious consequences. The International School and the relevant departments of the university are dealing with those students seriously. Their scholarships will be cancelled and they may not be able to continue their studies at Hohai University according to the relevant regulations.

In order to avoid the recurrence of this kind of incidents, once again we remind all international students to review carefully, prepare for the exams carefully, strictly abide by the discipline of the exams, and must NOT cheat. Do not bring your phone or shut down your phone during the exams.  All the exams rooms in the university are equipped with monitoring, do not cheat during the exams.

All international students are required to pay intensive attention to this regulation! Otherwise, you shall take the serious consequences by yourselves accordingly.



International School

May 28, 2019