Important Information to the International Students who will graduate in the summer of 2019




1. 请今年夏季毕业生携带护照和学生证去上海路203拍摄证件照,将5张照片放入小纸袋中,并在纸袋上注明学号和姓名。请将5张照片护照复印件(照片页)尽快提交教务办(101室),用于证书注册和制作,同时将照片电子版护照号为文件名发至邮件主题为2019 June Graduate)。

2. 研究生可在研究生系统里打印成绩单后至我院盖章,本科生可使用校园卡在机器上打印出盖好章的成绩单。


3. 毕业证和学位证预计于6月底制作并注册完成,请本人凭离校通知单来我院领取,离校通知单可在学生办(103房间)领取。

4. 因故不能按期毕业的国际学生,需按要求完成延长学习期限手续后,才能办理居留许可延长。





Important Information to the International Students

who will graduate in the summer of 2019

Dear all,

A lot of international students will graduate this summer, please pay attention to the following instructions.

1. If you will graduate in this summer, please go to take the certificate photo at No. 203 of SHANGHAI Road (上海路203) with your passport and student ID card, then put 5 photos in a paper bag with your Student ID number and your name on it, give the photos and a copy of passport (Photo Page) to Rm. 101, Academic Office, for the diploma registration ASAP, and also need to send the soft copy of photo to the file name “Passport Number” and with the topic of Email “2019 June Graduate”.

2. If you want transcripts, Graduate students please login the online system, print out the transcripts and take them to our office to stamp. Bachelor students please print the transcripts directly on the machine with your campus card.

ATTENTION: if there are some problems on the graduate transcripts, please print it out and mark the problems, then give it to Academic Office before May 24, the system company will deal with them. If you don’t announce the problems before May 24, you should take the responsibility by yourself.

3. The graduation certificate and diploma will be registered and issued out normally at the end of June. Please come to our office to get it on your own with the stamped and/or signed clearance. And the clearance can be picked up at Rm 103 of International School.

4. If someone cannot graduate on time this summer due to some reasons, please fulfill the extension of study period before the resident permit renew.

Thanks for your understanding and we wish you a bright future.


International School

May 22, 2019