2019 Spring Comprehensive Courses - Lectures





请在选课截止日期前登录研究生系统登记综合素质课(网址是http://yjs.hhu.edu.cn/ P.M. => Register for Comprehensive Quality Classes)。国教院将现场对选课名单进行抽查,若查到未出席者,系统选课将被取消。







Dear International Students,

Here is the arrangement of Comprehensive Course - Lecturers of 2019 Spring Semester. Another THREE lectures will be available this semester.

Comprehensive course (2015LXS06), which contains “University Orientation”, “College Orientation” and some lectures offered by the International School, is the REQUIRED course for all the graduate students. Every International Graduate students MUST attend FOUR(4) lectures at least.

Please login the online system for graduate students (http://yjs.hhu.edu.cn/) to register the comprehensive course before the deadline of registration (P.M. => Register for Comprehensive Quality Classes). International School will carry out spot check during the lecture. No stamp or signature is needed on the handbook during the lecture, but you still should submit the filled handbook to International School before you apply for the degree.

Thanks for your understanding!


International School


2019 Spring Comprehensive Courses - Lecturers 
#TopicLecturerCollegeTimePlaceDeadline of Registration
1中华钱币文化与金融机构发展The China Story on Coins and Financial Institutions张颖商学院WEEK 5
2019-03-26(TUE.) 14:00-16:00
ZHIYONG 119 Jiangning Campus(致用楼119)2019-3-23
2水与中国古诗词Water and Ancient Chinese Poems尤震外语院WEEK 8
2019-04-17(WED.) 14:00-16:00
ZHIYONG 418 Jiangning Campus(致用楼418)2019-4-14
3“一带一路”战略分析与思考The strategical analysis and thinking of "The Belt And Road"黄德春商学院WEEK 12
2019-05-16(THU.) 14:00-16:00
ZHIYONG 118 Jiangning Campus(致用楼118)2019-5-13
4宫殿与园林:中国传统建筑艺术之鉴赏Palace and Gardening: Introduction to Typical Representative  of Traditional Chinese Architectures朱晓兰公管院Undetermined