2019 Undergraduate Programs for International Students of Hohai University

2019 Undergraduate Programs for International Students of Hohai University



The Chinese-taught 54 majors and English-taught 8 majors of Hohai University are available to international students. The duration is 4 years. See the majors http://ie.hhu.edu.cn/2019/0116/c7303a187205/page.htm.



Healthy foreigners, over 18, have a high school certificate or equivalent one. Applicant under age 18 is required to submit a guarantee statement. Chinese citizens who have obtained foreign nationalities shall follow the regulation of Ministry of Education of China.


Application Period:

Feb. 1 to Jun. 15, 2019, varies accordingly to different scholarships.


Application Method:

Fulfill the Hohai online application by http://admission.hhu.edu.cn.

There's no need to send any hard copies to the admission office.


Application Documents:

1. Scan copy of the passport, which is valid at least till Aug.30, 2020;

2. Scan copy of the China related visa, if there's any;

3. High school diploma and degree, original or notarized version, in Chinese or English;

4. High school transcript, original or notarized version, in Chinese or English;

5. HSK4 or above certificate for Chinese-taught majors, corresponding English proficiency certificate for English-taught majors;

6. Health report, as attached.



Hohai University Partial Scholarship

The partial scholarship includes tuition fee.

Application Period: Feb.1 to June.15, 2019

The applicant is required to have advanced Chinese proficiency and outstanding academic results.

The Hohai partial scholarship is not available for the English-taught undergraduate programs.


Jiangsu Government Scholarship

The full scholarship includes the tuition, accommodation, living allowance and comprehensive medical insurance.

The partial scholarship is 30,000RMB only for the first year.

Application Period: Feb.1 to May.30, 2019

The applicant shall fulfill both of the Hohai and Jasmine online application:


The jasmine Jiangsu government scholarship is not available for the English-taught undergraduate programs.


Nanjing Government Scholarship

The scholarship is 10,000RMB/year (Annual Review).

Application Period: Feb.1 to Jun. 15, 2019

The applicant shall download “the Application Form for Nanjing Government Scholarship” on: http://ie.hhu.edu.cn/7298/list.htm, fill and upload it through Hohai online application system.


The Special Scholarships for the English-taught Undergraduate Programs

The first rank scholarship is 12,000RMB/year, the second one is 10,000RMB/year and the third one is 6,000RMB/year.

Application Period: Feb.1 to Jun. 15, 2019



All the undergraduate students live on Jiangning Campus. There’re 3 single rooms in one apartment. The facilities include the bed, mattress, desk, closet, chair, hot water, internet access, toilet and public laundry room.


Admission and Announcement

The enrollment decisions are based on the courses' scores, language proficiency, study plan and interview of the candidates. Hohai will contact those who're enrolled and send out the admission notices and visa forms.


Visa Application and Registration

Those who’re enrolled shall submit the admission notice, visa application for studying in China (JW201/202 Form), physical report and blood test report to local Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply a student (X1) visa to China. The applicant shall register at Hohai University within the appointed time on the admission notice. Those who're not able to pass the entry test will be cancled the registration.



Tuition: 20,000RMB/year for Chinese-taught majors, 30,000 RMB/year for English-taught majors.

Registration: 400RMB

Comprehensive Medical Insurance: 800RMB/year.

Accommodation: 1000RMB/month/single room on Jiangning Campus.



International School

Add: No.1, Xikang Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

Zip Code: 210098

Tel: +86 25 83787955

Fax: +86 25 83787958

Email: admission@hhu.edu.cn

Website: http://cie.hhu.edu.cn, http:// ie.hhu.edu.cn






I hereby guarantee to be responsible for the applicant’s behavior and finance during the period of his/her studying in China. Should there be any emergency of financial problem occurred to him/her, I will be in duty bound to take my responsibility for it.


申请人姓名/Applicant’s Name:                                   

性别/Gender:                    国籍/Citizenship:                

护照号码/Passport No.:                                       


监护人姓名/Name of Guarantor:                                     

性别/Gender:                    国籍/Citizenship:                

身份证件号码/I D Card:                                       

与被监护人关系/Relationship to the Applicant:                     


电话/Tel                     传真/Fax:                    


永久地址/Permanent Add. Of Guarantor:                            


监护人签字/Signature of Guarantor:                             



 physical examination form.pdf