The Nanjing Municipal Government organized a Music Concert dubbed ‘Sound of Peace” at the Nanjing Normal University’s Musical Theatre on Sunday, 9th December 2018. Mr. Zhang Bin, famous Erhu Player, co-organized the program was graced with the presence of a famous and talented Orchestra, Japanese Changshi, from Japan led by Zhang Bin as well as the South Hao National Orchestra. Basil Scott and Prof Ge Xishi, who have contributed greatly to world peace and racism, were also at the concert as well as the media. The orchestra played sensational, emotional and famous sounds of war and peace including; the City of Empty, Voice of Peace, Endless Stream, and much other historical music composed after wars to send the message of peace.

Glimpse of Performances during “Sound of Peace”

Hohai University International Students with Primary School students singing和平家园/We are the World

Hohai University’s international school was invited by the organizers to represent the international body at the program. A team of six Hohai international students from different countries collaborated with Primary Students from Chibi Road Primary School to sing the famous 和平家园/We are the World medley at the concert. It all ended with an exchange of warm greetings and pictures signifying the theme of the concert. A memorial day it was.

Hohai University international students exchanging greetings with Organizers

International Students of Hohai University attending ‘Sound of Peace” program at the Nanjing Normal University’s Musical Theatre