2019 Hohai University Chinese Language Program

The program offers different Chinese language courses catering to diverse demands of the international students. The courses include Chinese Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. There are two semesters, Spring semester and Fall semester, each year respectively.

Application time:

Spring Semester: before Jan 15, 2019

Fall Semester: before Jul 10, 2019

Documents required:

1. Photocopy pages of passport and visa.

2. The most advanced diploma and transcript.

Note: If the applicant has studied in China before, he/she will need to provide all the relevant studying certificates and transcripts.

3. Health report as attached.

4. Two passport size of photos.

Application Procedure:

1. The applicant shall need to fulfill the online application via http://admission.hhu.edu.cn. There is no need to post any hard copy documents to Hohai University.

2. Hohai University processes the application documents.

3. Payment of the registration fee RMB 300. (Transferring money to the school account or swiping card in the office)

4. Hohai University issues the official admission notices and visa forms.


Tuition Fees:RMB6600/Semester

(Including all the teaching materials)

Registration Fees: RMB 300/person

Insurances: RMB 300/semester (compulsory)


Jessie Wang

Tel: +86 25 83787955

Fax: +86 25 83787981


Address: Admission Office, Hohai University, No.1, Xikang Road, Nanjing, China

Post Code: 210098


Attachment: physical examination form.pdf