“PERCEIVE CHINA - A CANAL EPIC” Social Practice and Cultural Experience Event, 2018

Huai’an Water Resources Project

On the 27thand 28thof October, 2018, “Perceive China – A Canal Epic” Social Practice and Cultural Experience Event was held in Huai’an and Jiangdu cities in Jiangsu province. Sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), the event was organized by the international school of Hohai University, and undertaken by Jiangsu Water Resources Company Limited and Map Magazine. A total number of 91 CSC scholarship students from 37 different countries across four continents actively participated in this event.

South to North Water Diversion Hongze Pumping Station

During the two-day event, they visited places including: the South-North Water Diversion Project, the South to North Water Diversion Hongze Pumping Station, the Huai’an Water Resources Project Center, the Huai’an Fourth Pumping Station, the Huai He River An'lan Exhibition Hall, the South to North Water Diversion Data Center in Jiangdu,  the Third Pumping Station of Jiangdu, and so on. Among them, the Jiangdu Third Pumping Station is one of the large-scale pumping stations on the East route of the South to North Water Diversion Project.

Inside of Pumping Station

3D-model of South to North Water Diversion Project


Additionally, the students learned strategies and technologies for the dredging requirements of Baoying Lake, Baima Lake, and the harnessing concept of improving navigation conditions for water environment during the field visit. Furthermore, the well-equipped museum, with audio visuals like photos, documentations and 3D-models depiction of the project provided the students with the knowledge and experiences for advanced harnessing concept, construction experience, and technical skills required for such a water resource project. After visiting the display and control room of South to North Water Diversion Data Center in Jiangdu, they learned about the layout, construction, operations, and management of the Jiangsu section of the South to North Water Diversion project. These gave them a deep understanding of the relevance of such a project in ensuring water conservancy for the purpose of relieving the water shortage problems in North China, which invariably guaranteed the socio-economic development of the Northern parts of China.


Inside of South-North Water Diversion Data Collection Center at Jiangdu 

The group also visited the Hexia Ancient Town which was originated by the Grand Canal, locates in the Huai’an City. The students were amazed by the ancient Chinese natural setting, deep traditional sense of history, cultural heritage, values and the traditional architectural characteristics of the town. These gave the students the ability to interact more with the locals. A lot of them were saying “It’s just like in the Movies”, they fully understand that how the ancient and the present life of the local residents was influenced by the Grand Canal.

A workshop was organized during the trip, Mr. Fan Rui, vice-Dean of International School of Hohai University and Mr. Shi Wei, the associate director of HR Department of Jiangsu Water Source Co. Ltd. Fifteen Representative of international students presented their understanding and experiences of this tour. They highly appreciated the Chinese Government for supporting such a wonderful trip as well as helping their countries with the developed technology and facilities. On the whole, the students’ interaction and appreciation during the workshop is summarized as the following:

Workshop was organized during the trip

Representative of international students giving opinions during Workshop


 “The knowledge obtained during this tour and visits has provided us with the un-quantifiable amount of practical experience and professional knowledge in water resource projects, water diversion and its pumping station projects, its socio-economic relevance to development, and how it ensures sustainability of livelihoods in North-China. Above all, it made a lasting impression on us regarding how we can help our respective countries learn from such a wonderful Chinese Project. As we express our innermost gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. Knowing how things work is the basis for appreciation, and is thus a source of civilized delight”.

Vice Dean of international School with Students