Notice on the College Orientation Arrangement

Dear all new International Students

The colleges have arranged the orientation including Welcome Ceremony for each of you.

Please see the arrangement in the below.

Kindly remind all graduate students to bring the “Record Handbook for Comprehensive Courses” and the FILLED “Thesis Handbook” (Please fill in the personal information and also your study plan in China, the college will help you to find a supervisor according to the Thesis Handbook).

Please pay attention and attend on time.

International School








College Orientation Arrangement
水文院College of Hydrology and Water Resources9-1910:00工程馆301Main Campus
水电院College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering9-2009:30水电馆420Main Campus
农工院College of Agricultural Engineering9-2814:00管理馆214Main Campus
港航院College of Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering9-1915:45严恺馆702Main Campus
土木院College of Civil and Transportation Engineering9-1710:00科学馆516Main Campus
环境院College of Environment9-1720:00闻天馆412Main Campus
能电院College of Energy and Electrical Engineering9-2014:00勤学楼5318Jiangning Campus
计信院College of Computer and Information EngineeringundeterminedJiangning Campus
力材院College of Mechanics and Materials9-2514:00乐学楼1116Jiangning Campus
地学院College of Earth Science and Engineering9-2810:00笃学楼107Jiangning Campus
理学院College of SciencesundeterminedJiangning Campus
商学院Business School9-2715:00博辅A410Jiangning Campus
公管院School of Public Administration9-3009:00厚学楼401Jiangning Campus